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Kneesy, Earsy, Nosey

Kneesy, Earsy, Nosey – a do as I do routine

Kneesy, Earsy, Nosey is a game of coordination and dexterity, which is particularly played by Stan Laurel in the movie Fra Diavolo, to the great despair of Oliver Hardy.It quickly became a fad shortly after this film was released.  Kneesy, Earsy, Nosey consists of clapping the knees with both hands, and then alternatively grab the left ear with right hand while grab the nose with the left hand, clap again the knees, and then grab the right ear with left hand while grab the nose with the right hand. Then you proceed to do it increasingly faster.

The process seems extremely easy to acquire.  But it requires, in fact, lots of time and training.  It requires constant shifting of coordination before left and right control areas of the brain. But once the right coordination has been acquired, it is possible to do it extremely fast.  It can be redone after years of hiatus.

It’s a wonderful routine to do in a group situation, inviting a child (or even better, an adult) to ‘do as I do’


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