County Hospital [Laurel and Hardy]

County Hospital (1932), starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy

County Hospital - Oliver Hardy relaxing in hospital bedStan Laurel has nothing better to do, so he decides to visit his friend Oliver Hardy, who’s recovering from a broken leg in the county hospital.  The introduction is quite humorous, as the clueless Stan looks for Ollie in the wrong places, including the maternity ward — a classic moment.  Eventually, he finds his way to Oliver’s room, where Oliver is enjoying himself immensely, enjoying his quiet, relaxing time in the hospital.

Stan’s visit

Olivery Hardy, Billy Gilbertson, Stan Laurel - County Hospital - chaos due to Stan LaurelSoon after Stan’s arrival, the peace and quiet go “out the window” — quite literally.  First, he drops a boiled egg in Oliver’s water pitcher, and in the process of retrieving it, he pours the water all over.  Next, when Ollie’s physician, played by classic comic actor Billy Gilbert, comes in to check on his favorite patient, Stan beings playing with the weight attached to Oliver’s hospital bed (keeping his broken leg elevated). 

County Hospital - Billy Gilbert throws Stan and Ollie out of the hospitalThe doctor tries to take it away from Stan, and ends up falling out the window while holding on to the weight – clinging to the rope and weight for dear life, while poor Ollie is being pulled toward the ceiling by the pulley system, and Stan keeps going from one of them to the other, being unable to decide who to help first.  Despite Stan’s “help”, the doctor manages to get back into the room safely, and orders Oliver to get out, and to take Stan with him!

Thrown out of the hospital

County Hospital - Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are thrown out of the hospital!Oliver is heartbroken at having to leave and browbeats Stan into helping him get ready to leave.  Since Ollie’s pants leg won’t fit over his cast, he tells Stan to cut off the leg – €”which leads perplexed Stanley to poke Oliver’s leg with the scissors.  Eventually, Stan gets the idea to cut off the pants leg and cuts off the wrong leg, which he corrects by cutting off the other, turning it into a pair of short pants — only to find out that he’s damaged a pair of pants belonging to Oliver’s roommate instead.  In the process Stan accidentally sits on a syringe, injecting himself with enough sedative to make him “sleep for a month.” Stan, ignorant of this, tries to drive Oliver home as the sedative begins to take effect, ending in a funny, accordion-style car crash.

Tipsy Stan putting Ollie in the carCounty Hospital - tipsy Stan Laurel drives terrified Oliver Hardy homeCounty Hospital is a very funny Laurel and Hardy short film, and I rate it 4 clowns out of 5 – I hope you enjoy it as much as my family and I did.

Funny movie quotes from County Hospital, starring Laurel and Hardy

Stanley (Stan Laurel): I didn’t have anything else to do, so I thought I’d drop in and see you.

Oliver (Oliver Hardy): [seeing that Stan has brought him a present] What have you got there?
Stanley (Stan Laurel): I brought you some hard boiled eggs and some nuts.
Oliver (Oliver Hardy): Now, you I can’t eat hard boiled eggs and nuts. If you wanted to bring me something, why didn’t you bring me candy?
Stanley (Stan Laurel): They cost too much.
Oliver (Oliver Hardy): What does that got to do with it?
Stanley (Stan Laurel): You didn’t pay me for the last box I brought you.

Oliver (Oliver Hardy): This is my friend, Mr. Laurel.
Doctor (Billy Gilbert): I hope I find you well?
Stanley (Stan Laurel): Thank you, ma’am.

Oliver (Oliver Hardy): You know you can’t get them over that foot!  Get the scissors and cut the leg off!
[Stanley looks as Oliver’s leg, poking it]
Oliver (Oliver Hardy): The leg of the pants!

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