Donuts and Freckles, a skit for two clowns, demonstrating what baptism is, and isn’t
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Donuts and Freckles (what baptism is, and isn’t)

Donuts and Freckles, a skit for two clowns, demonstrating what baptism is, and isn’t. Original by Raynbow the Clown.

Props: A donut, a (clear) glass of white milk, a washcloth, a sponge, a scrub brush, a bottle of Windex, sandpaper, and Comet cleanser
Skit starts with Clown 1 entering, addressing the audience
Clown 1: (looking at his watch) Good morning, everyone! This morning, my helper Clown 2 and I are going to demonstrate what Baptism means — (glances at watch again) — except that Clown 2 is late, and he promised to bring my visual aids!
Clown 2: Here I am! (enters, carrying donut and glass of milk)
Clown 1: (looking slightly upset) Where have you been? And where are the visual aids?
Clown 2: I was at the donut shop! And I’ve got your visual aid right here! I’m ready to demonstrate baptism!
Clown 1: (with a disbelieving look) with a donut and a glass of milk?
Clown 2: (smiling, confident) Yes!
Clown 1: This I’ve got to see!
Clown 2: No problem! The English word ‘baptism’ comes from the Greek word ‘baptizmo’, meaning to immerse, or to dunk: like so! (slowly dunks the donut in the milk, submerging it, and pulling it back out) And now the donut has been ‘baptized’, or dunked. That’s what baptism is! (eats donut)
Clown 1: (slightly bewildered) Yes, well, that’s right — (Clown 2 beams, smiling ear to ear) — but that’s not what we’re supposed to demonstrate today.
Clown 2: (crestfallen) Are you sure? ‘Cuz I looked up baptism, and that’s what it means!
Clown 1: (kindly) Yes, that’s what it means. But we need to demonstrate why people need to be baptized, not what it is. (Clown 2 looks utterly crestfallen — he’s a failure! Clown 1 notices something on his arm, and gets an idea) Freckles!!
Clown 2: (bewildered) Freckles? You mean like on my arms?
Clown 1: Yes! Now, those freckles are a part of you, right?
Clown 2: Yes, I’ve had them all my life. They don’t wash off, you know!
Clown 1: Let’s find out! (pulls washcloth out of bag, scrubs) nope, they’re still there. Let’s try harder! (pulls out a large, clown-sized sponge) Nope, they’re still there. Let’s try harder! (pulls out scrub brush – Clown 2 may start reacting) Nope, they’re still there. Let’s try harder! (pulls out Windex — squirts onto Clown 2’s arm, scrubs some more) – nope, they’re still there! Let’s try harder! (pulls out Comet Cleanser & sandpaper)
Clown 2: (who’s finally had enough) WAIT A MINUTE! No sandpaper! No more scrubbing! These freckles DON’T COME OFF! No matter how hard you try!
Clown 1: Right! They’re part of you, and you can never scrub them away — they’re like sins, aren’t they?
Clown 2: (defensive) There’s nothing sinful about having freckles!
Clown 1: You’re right, but sins, like freckles, don’t come off, and nothing can wash them away… except the blood of Jesus!
Clown 2: (still confused) Okaaaaay… but what does that have to do with baptism?
Clown 1: Everyone can see your freckles, but you can’t see sins. When Jesus washes your sins away, you know it, and God knows it, but other people don’t. Baptism is a way of showing publicly what’s already happened between you and God — that you were dead in your sins, and now you’re alive to God. Baptism’s for other people to see what God’s done, and that you are now part of His family!
Clown 2: Oh! I see. But I still get to keep my freckles, right?
Clown 1: (hand over Clown 2’s shoulder, as they begin walking off-stage) Right! (pause) Got any more donuts?


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