Easter Bunny skit - a skit for two talking clowns, one in a full sized bunny suit. He's visually grumpy about this.
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Easter Bunny skit

Easter Bunny skit – a skit for two talking clowns, one in a full sized bunny suit. He’s visually grumpy about this.

Clown1: [addressing the audience] Good morning! My assistant and I are hear to talk to you this morning about the true meaning of Easter. I wonder what’s taking him so long? [he looks into the audience, possibly with clown binoculars, while Clown 2 enters from the side – in a full-sized bunny costume, carrying an Easter basket.  He acts out being as unhappy and grumpy as humanly possible]

Clown2: I’m here. Happy Easter Sunday. Whee. [throws a small handful of confetti from the basket into the air, with as little gusto as possible]

Clown1: [chipper and happy] Well, I’m glad you’re here! We can start telling the boys and girls about the true meaning of Easter Sunday … you’re essential, you know!

Clown2: You have got to be kidding me.

Clown1: [pretends to not understand] What’s the problem?

Clown2: Because Easter Bunnies don’t have anything to do with Easter. Neither to chicks, or eggs, or baskets. I like animals and egg hunts as much as the next clown, but Easter’s not about any of that. It’s about God’s Son, Jesus,who became a man, lived a perfect life, and died on Calvary’s cross to pay for my sins … because I couldn’t.

Clown1: The same for me.

Clown2: And Easter Sunday’s really about how, three days later, He rose from the dead to show the world that the payment was accepted, and salvation is free to everyone who believes in Him!

Clown1: Absolutely correct!

Clown2: [confused] Wait a minute … isn’t this where you normally tell me what I’m missing, and explain to the kids?

Clown1: You haven’t missed a thing. You’re absolutely right. Easter Sunday is actually Resurrection Sunday.

Clown2: Then why am I wearing a silly bunny costume, with a basket of eggs?

Clown1: Because you’re our prop … to show that Easter’s not about bunnies, or chicks, or egg hunts. Easter candy’s yummy, and animals are cute, but Easter’s not about Spring … it’s about Jesus’ resurrection!

Clown2: [slightly annoyed] So, you had me dress up in this hot, itchy, uncomfortable suit for no reason? [acting out ‘hot’, ‘itchy’, ‘uncomfortable’ — getting more upset with each word]

Clown1: Well, it wasn’t for no reason …

Clown2: [pulls one of the eggs out of the basket] Egg fight! [chases Clown 1 around the audience, possibly eventually throwing an egg at him (plastic or boiled), or using the confetti trick where he throws the content of the entire basket at him, only to have it filled with confetti and covering some of the audience]


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