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Clowning Book of the Month – February 2020

Clowning Book of the Month – February 2020 answers the question: Who’s reading what? As you’ve probably discovered by now, we’ve posted quite a few book and movie reviews of clown-related things on the site, most of which are available at If you’re curious, here is the bestseller list from the web site for last month. Books, Videos, and the “how did that show up?”:


The World’s Funniest Clown Skits – a nice collection of skits


  • The Best of Abbott and Costello, Volume 1 (Buck Privates / Hold That Ghost / In the Navy / Keep ‘Em Flying / One Night in the Tropics / Pardon My Sarong / Ride ‘Em Cowboy / Who Done It?) – a nice collection of 8 of Abbott and Costello’s earliest films — and some of their funniest!
  • The Best of Abbott & Costello, Volume 2 (Hit the Ice / In Society / Here Come the Co-Eds / The Naughty Nineties / Little Giant / The Time of Their Lives / Buck Privates Come Home / The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap) – in short, a nice collection of eight Abbott and Costello movies. An absolute bargain at slightly more than $2,00 per movie.
  • Don Knotts 5-movie collection – Another nice, inexpensive collection of movies, this time starring Don Knotts — The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, The Reluctant Astronaut, The Shakiest Gun in the West, The Love God?, How to Frame a Figg.
  • I Love Lucy season 2 – exactly what it sounds like, the second season of I Love Lucy. Married life for the Ricardos is interrupted by Lucy’s on-screen pregnancy – a television first.

Well, this is weird


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