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I Love Lucy episode guide season 2

I Love Lucy episode guide season 2 (1952)

Married life for the Ricardos is interrupted by Lucy’s on-screen pregnancy – a television first.

  • The Anniversary Present – I Love Lucy episode 36, season 2, originally aired 9/29/1952
    • With their 11th anniversary coming up, Ricky Ricardo is acting strangely, sneaking around the apartment building and spending time with Grace Foster, who’s husband is out of town …
  • The Handcuffs – I Love Lucy, episode 37, season 2, originally aired 10/6/1952
    • Tired of Ricky working seven days a week and never having any time for her, Lucy locks herself to Ricky with a pair of Fred Mertz’s trick handcuffs, in order to make a point.  However, instead of Fred’s trick handcuffs, Lucy has used a pair of real handcuffs to which Fred doesn’t have the keys!  And Ricky is due to perform on TV in a few hours …
  • The Operetta – I Love Lucy episode 38, season 2, originally aired 10/13/1952
    • One of the best-loved I Love Lucy episodes. Lucy’s women’s club wants to put on their annual show. But due to Lucy, their coffers are empty, and they can’t afford anything.  So, Lucy and Ethel write the play themselves, and pay for the costumes and props with a post-dated check – €”how could anything go wrong?
  • Job Switching – I Love Lucy episode 39, season 2, originally aired 9/15/1952
    • Another episode that has become one of the most-loved I Love Lucy episodes. Lucy and Ethel decide to prove that their work is just as hard as Ricky and Fred’s. The girls and guys switch places for a day – this includes the classic Candy Factory routine – speed it up a little!
  • The Saxophone – I Love Lucy episode 40, season 2
    • Not wanting to be left behind while Desi and his orchestra go on tour, Lucy auditions to join the band with a weak rendition of Glowworm on the saxophone, and when that fails, she tries to make Ricky too jealous to leave.
  • Vacation from Marriage – I Love Lucy, episode 41, season 2
    • Deciding that their marriages are in a rut, Lucy and Ethel decide to take a week-long vacation from their spouses. They quickly become extremely miserable.  The question now is, how to call their ‘˜vacation’ off without hurting anyone’s feelings
  • The Courtroom – I Love Lucy – episode 42, season 2
    • After giving Fred and Ethel Mertz a new television set for their anniversary, Desi tries to improve its’ reception, and winds up breaking the set.  Fred retaliates, and destroys the Ricardos set, which lands them all up in court, where the judge tries to restore friendship – €”until his television set is brought out to use in a demonstration…
  • Redecorating – I Love Lucy episode 43, season 2, originally aired 11/24/1952
    • Lucy enters a drawing for brand new furniture.  However, when Ricky gets tickets to a new show, Lucy refuses to leave the apartment in case the telephone call comes while she’s out telling her that she won.  Ricky then decides on a slight subterfuge, having someone call pretending to be from the drawing and telling Lucy that she’s won!  All is well for Ricky, until Lucy decides to sell all of their existing furniture, and wall paper as well!
  • Ricky Loses His Voice – I Love Lucy episode 44, episode 44, season 2, originally aired 12/1/1952
    • Just as the Tropicana gets ready for its’ grand re-opening, Ricky loses his voice.  Lucy decides to save the day, and with the help of Fred and Ethel Mertz she stages a vaudeville act, using music from the flapper era (and showgirls that old as well)!
  • Sales Resistance – I Love Lucy episode 45, season 2, originally aired 1/26/1953
    • After Lucy buys a “Handy Dandy Vacuum Cleaner” and finds it to be virtually worthless, she tries to sell it to recoup her money, and when that fails, Ricky tries to return it … only to demonstrate that he doesn’t have any sales resistance, either.
  • The Inferiority Complex – I Love Lucy episode 46, season 2, originally aired 2/2/1953
    • Lucy feels that she’s no good at anything, so Ricky visits a psychiatrist. The doctor recommends having a handsome stranger shower her with compliments. Which only works too well, and the jealous Ricky throws the man out!
  • The Club Election – I Love Lucy episode 47, season 2, originally aired 2/16/1953
    • Lucy and Ethel are both running for president of their women’s club, leading to some hurt feelings between the two and some strong rivalry that pulls Ricky and Fred in as well.
  • The Black Eye – I Love Lucy episode 48, season 2, originally aired 3/9/1953
    • Fred and Ethel Mertz overhead Lucy reading a mystery novel to Ricky, and they mistake it for an actual fight between the Ricardos.  Later, when Ricky throws a book to Lucy and accidentally hits her in the eye, Fred and Ethel assume that Lucy is being abused!  The mistake is rectified with a wonderful conclusion, with all four sporting accidental black eyes!
  • Lucy Changes Her Mind – I Love Lucy episode 49, season 2, originally aired 3/30/1953
    • After some comic moments with Lucy being unable to make up her mind about seemingly anything, Ricky becomes upset.  Lucy decides to get even, leaving an old boyfriend’s love letter lying around for Ricky to find.  When Ricky goes to the man’s fur shop to confront him, he finds Lucy flirting with a mannequin.
  • Lucy is Enciente – I Love Lucy episode 50, season 2, originally aired 12/8/1952
    • The big event begins. Lucy goes to her doctor since she’s feeling low, and he tells her that she and Ricky are going to have a baby!  After several attempts at telling Ricky, Lucy goes to the Tropicana club. She leaves an anonymous note for Ricky to sing “We’re Having a Baby.” During which he realizes that it’s Lucy and himself!  A wonderful, tearful ending to a wonderful episode.
  • Pregnant Women are Unpredictable – I Love Lucy episode 51, season 2, originally aired 12/15/1952
    • Ricky tries to pamper his pregnant wife, but this makes Lucy fear that he only loves her for the baby.  To fix this, he plans a big night out for just the two of them … but when he doesn’t mention the baby all night, she fears that he doesn’t love the baby!
  • Lucy’s Show Biz Swan Song – I Love Lucy episode 52 , season 2, originally aired 12/22/1952
    • The now-pregnant Lucy tries, for one last time, to ‘€˜get in the show’ as Ricky is putting on a Gay Nineties revue. Failing all else, she ‘crashes’ the Barbershop Quartet number, leading into a ‘€˜pie fight’ of shaving cream.
  • Lucy Hires an English Tutor – I Love Lucy episode 53, season 2, originally aired 12/29/1952
    • With the baby’s impending arrival, Lucy is concerned about her English (as well as Ricky’s!) and hires an English tutor to tutor them both – €”however, the tutor is making Ricky crazy, and secretly wants to sing at the club!
  • Ricky Has Labor Pains – I Love Lucy episode 54, season 2, originally aired 1/5/1954
    • Ricky is feeling left out, since Lucy is getting all of the attention with the upcoming birth.  Fred decides to throw him a “Daddy Shower,” but Lucy and Ethel fear that it will be more like a bachelor’s party – €”and decide to crash the party in disguise.
  • Lucy Becomes a Sculptress – I Love Lucy episode 55, season 2, originally aired 1/12/1953
    • Wanting the baby to be surrounded by art and music, Lucy has a problem; Ricky can teach the baby about music, but who can teach him about art?  Lucy decides to become a sculptress, despite Ricky’s protests about her lack of talent.  Even so, Ricky has an art critic stop by to evaluate her work – €”but when Lucy can’t create anything worthwhile, she covers her head in clay and pretends to be a clay statue!
  • Lucy Goes to the Hospital – I Love Lucy episode 57, season 2, originally aired 1/19/1953
    • The climactic episode where Lucy is finally going into labor. Ricky, Fred and Ethel have planned, prepared and rehearsed the event until they are a well-oiled machine; only to forget everything when the moment arrives, including Lucy!  A very funny episode, well-deserving its’ status as a comedy classic.
  • No Children Allowed – I Love Lucy episode 57, season 2, originally aired 4/20/1953
    • Returning home with the baby, Ricky and Lucy Ricardo have a new problem – a fellow tenant, Mrs. Trumble, is complaining about the baby crying, since the lease specifies no children!  Ethel stands up for Lucy, but when Lucy tires of Ethel’s bragging, the baby is left alone – and taken care of by an unlikely person.
  • Lucy Hires a Maid – I Love Lucy episode 58, season 2, originally aired 4/27/1953
    • Lucy is exhausted with caring for Little Ricky, so Ricky suggests that she hires a maid. She then proceeds to hire the worst maid in the world, and then doesn’t have the heart to fire her.  Instead, Lucy and Ethel decide to make the apartment so messy that the woman will quit – €”not knowing that Ricky already fired the maid that morning.
  • The Indian Show – I Love Lucy episode 59, season 2, originally aired 5/4/1953
    • Ricky is staging an Indian show at the Tropicana (technically, a “Native American” show, but I didn’t write the script), and hires Fred and Ethel Mertz for the show with their vaudeville experience, but of course Lucy wants in the show as well.  Even after Lucy connives her way into the show without Ricky’s knowledge, where will she keep Little Ricky?
  • Lucy’s Last Birthday – I Love Lucy episode 60, season 2, originally aired 5/11/1953
    • Everyone seems to have forgotten her birthday. Lucy goes out for a walk and encounters a group called ‘Friends of the Friendless’. Tiring of her pity party, she goes to the Tropicana to confront Ricky about having forgotten her birthday. Only to find that he’s arranged a surprise birthday party for her.
  • The Ricardos Change Apartments – I Love Lucy episode 61, originally aired 5/18/1953, season 2
    • After the birth of Little Ricky, the Ricardos apartment has gotten too small for them.  Since another couple is willing to switch, Lucy, Fred and Ethel move all of the furniture, only to be surprised when it’s all moved back!  It turns out that Ricky had hired furniture movers!
  • Lucy is Matchmaker – I Love Lucy episode 62, originally aired 5/25/1953, season 2
    • Becoming upset with all of the attention that her single friend Sylvia Collins is getting from her husband, Lucy decides to play matchmaker for Sylvia with a friend of Fred’s named Eddie Grant.  When Sylvia can’t make it, Lucy goes to tell Eddie, only to have Eddie get the wrong message.  Once the situation is explained, Eddie tries to make amends by offering Lucy and Ethel the lingerie that he sells at half off. Until the boys show up while the girls are trying them on!
  • Lucy Wants New Furniture – I Love Lucy episode 63, originally aired 6/1/1953, season 2
    • very funny episode€ – Lucy wants new furniture, and buys it without Ricky’s consent.  Ricky gets angry, and takes the new furniture to the club until Lucy can pay for them from her allowance.  Lucy then tries to become extremely frugal, including making her own dress and giving herself a permanent.  A very visual episode that has to be seen to be appreciated.
  • The Camping Trip – I Love Lucy episode 64, originally aired 6/8/1953, season 2
    • Wanting to go with Ricky on a weekend with “the boys,” Ricky decides to show Lucy what a camping trip is like. But with the secret help of Ethel, Lucy teaches Ricky a lesson instead.
  • Ricky and Fred are TV Fans – I Love Lucy episode 65, originally aired 6/15/1953, season 2
    • While the boxing match is on, Lucy and Ethel are totally ignored by Ricky and Fred.  Going out for a bite until the match is over, everyone is watching the boxing match there, as well.  Lucy and Ethel are still being ignored; until they reach into the cash register to get their own change, and get arrested!
  • Never Do Business with Friends – I Love Lucy episode 67, originally aired 6/29/1953, season 2
    • Ricky buys a new washer, and sells his old one to the Mertzes.  However, the old machine breaks down before the Mertzes have had a chance to pay for it.  Both couples argue over who owns the broken washing machine until a handyman offers $75.00 for it. Now everyone is arguing that they do own it, until it falls over a porch ledge.


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