I Love Lucy episode guide – season 3

Life for the Ricardos after the birth of Little Ricky, with some of the series’ best episodes, including ‘Million-Dollar Idea’ (aka. Aunt Martha’s Old Fashioned Salad Dressing’ and a two-part visit by Tennessee Ernie Ford as Lucy’s Cousin Ernie

  • Ricky’s Life Story
    • Not happy about being ignored in Ricky’s Life magazine interview, Lucy gets back at Ricky.
  • The Girls Go Into Business
    • Lucy & Ethel purchase a dress shop, but things don’t turn out as profitably as they had imagined.
  • Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress
    • Getting a rare opportunity to perform on TV for their women’s club, Lucy & Ethel purchase the same dress.
  • Equal Rights
    • Lucy & Ethel demand equal rights from Ricky & Fred. So the men only think that they are getting back at them at a restaurant.
  • Baby Pictures
    • Lucy’s jealousy over Carolyn Appleby’s (Doris Singleton) baby as compared with Little Ricky hurts Ricky’s upcoming appearance on a TV show … run by Carolyn’s husband.
  • Lucy Tells the Truth
    • Lucy bets Ricky that she can tell the truth for 24 hours and drives everyone crazy.
  • The French Revue
    • Ricky bets Lucy $50 that she won’t be able to sneak into his new French review club act.
  • Redecorating the Mertzes’ Apartment
    • Lucy helps Ethel & Fred redecorate their apartment, including new paint and new upholstery . This is a classic example of Lucy engaging in meddling in her friends’ affairs, to hilarious results. I love the scene with the fan and the down pillow, for example. to her own hurt.  (“What happened to your mink?” “You’re sitting on it.” — you need to see the episode to appreciate that exchange)
  • Too Many Crooks
    • Ethel thinks Lucy is the notorious “Madame X” that has been robbing nearby apartments; she’s really been collecting objects for a club bazaar.
  • Changing the Boys’ Wardrobe
    • Disgusted by Ricky & Fred’s aging wardrobe, Lucy & Ethel sell their husband’s old clothes to a second-hand man.
  • Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined
    • A visit to an eye doctor doesn’t help Lucy audition for a jitterbug number that she has practiced for.
  • Ricky’s Old Girlfriend
    • Lucy’s worried about Ricky’s reaction to a visit in NY by one of his old Cuban girlfriends: Carlotta Romero.
  • The Million-Dollar Idea
    • Lucy & Ethel’s TV commercial to sell Aunt Martha’s salad dressing ends up doing much better than expected.
  • Ricky Minds the Baby
    • Ricky doesn’t do as good a job as Lucy of taking care of Little Ricky.
  • The Charm School
    • Lucy & Ethel go to charm school to keep Ricky & Fred interested in them.
  • Sentimental Anniversary
    • Lucy & Ricky want to have a quiet wedding anniversary, but Fred & Ethel have other ideas.
  • Fan Magazine Interview
    • Lucy & Ricky prepare for a fan magazine interview, but a quarrel between them could change the interview outcome.
  • Oil Wells
    • The Ricardos’ new neighbors want them to invest in oil wells.
  • Ricky Loses His Temper
    • Lucy bets Ricky that he can’t keep his temper and that she won’t buy any new hats.
  • Home Movies
    • When Ricky gets the opportunity to do a film audition, Lucy, Ethel & Fred create their own film. That Lucy edits with Ricky’s home movies of Little Ricky.
  • Bonus Bucks
    • Lucy & Ethel become obsessed with trying to win money with ‘bonus bucks’.
  • Ricky’s Hawaiian Vacation
    • Lucy & Ethel go on a game show to try and win a trip to Hawaii to be with Ricky.
  • Lucy Is Envious
    • Lucy is too ashamed to admit that she can’t afford a $500 donation to a rich friend’s charity.
  • Lucy Writes a Novel
    • Lucy decides to write a novel, but doesn’t like the response that she gets from an interested publisher.
  • Lucy’s Club Dance
    • When Lucy & Ethel’s ‘all-girl’ orchestra rehearse horribly for a club dance, Ricky has to think fast since Lucy put his name as their orchestra leader.
  • The Black Wig
    • To test Ricky’s fidelity, Lucy dons a black wig to tempt him; but Fred knows all about the scheme.
  • The Diner
    • When Ricky decides to quit show business, he & Fred purchase a diner; but everyone isn’t too happy with their new duties.  Fred & Ethel refuse to work behind the counter while Ricky & Lucy greet the customers. Reversing roles is hilarious but doesn’t work. Neither does literally dividing the diner in half – ending with a classic pie fight.
  • Tennessee Ernie Visits
    • When Cousin Ernie (Tennessee Ernie Ford) pays the Ricardos an unexpected visit, Lucy tries to scare him away.
  • Tennessee Ernie Hangs On
    • Still staying with the Ricardos, Lucy once again tries to get him to leave by pretending that she & Ricky are impoverished.
  • The Golf Game
    • Wanting to spend more time with Ricky & Fred, Lucy & Ethel get the men to teach them how to play golf; but it isn’t how most people play the game.
  • The Sublease
    • Planning to be gone for a while, Lucy & Ricky sublet their apartment; but Lucy (per usual) changes her mind and wants to get their apartment back from the timid Mr. Beecher (Jay Novello).

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