Clown Easter – an Easter Sunday skit for 4 clowns

Clown Easter – an Easter Sunday skit for 4 clowns

This script is courtesy of Clowns for Christ

This was originally written for Easter 1998. The script, written for 4 clowns, is intentionally unfinished, because our Associate Pastor supplied the ending to surprise us, taking the role listed below as Non-Clown. Each clown can be played by a pair of clowns sharing the role.

Clown 1 enters whistling. She goes up to a wooden cross and begins trying to balance several eggs on the cross bar. They are real eggs so they will fall off and break, on a tarp placed under the cross. After she places each egg, she hops in place two or three times. Other clowns enter and watch for a moment. Finally, Clown 2 comes up. Continue reading

What is Easter?

What is Easter? A free clown skit for three speaking clowns, and one “normal” person

(Editor’s note: this skit is written by Raynbow the Clown, and is based on the joke “Three clowns at the gates of heaven.” Also note that it could be easily re-written for one clown, who is given three tries to get the answer right.)

The skit begins with the “normal” person (probably a children’s pastor) asking for volunteers from the audience to answer a simple question.  The three clowns leap up and clownishly race to the front, eager to answer. Continue reading

He Loves Me. He Loves Me Not

He Loves Me. He Loves Me Not – a clown ministry skit for 2 or 3 speaking clowns
(author unknown)

Clown 1 sitting on stage reading his Bible

Clown 2 enters picking petals off a flower or carrying a bunch of flowers to be more visual to the audience and tossing a flower each time instead of a petal. Continue reading

Follow Jesus

Follow Jesus – an original, silent skit for a clown troupe (9 or more clowns)

This skit is courtesy of TenderHeart, aka. Nelda Singer (email: oldlulubell at

(set up: this clown skit is about several different small groups of clowns. No speaking parts. One man is dressed like Jesus and carries a sign that reads LOVE. One group starts off with maybe a man, woman and teenager on one side of the stage, the teenager is being unruly. In another section of the stage are two boys that are bullying each other. Another group is gossipy women, and a group of men in the back corner playing acting like they were playing dice and drinking.) Continue reading

Dropping the Ball

Dropping the Ball – This is a silent skit, for 2 or more clowns, based on an incident that happened to me at work. Props required are a cardboard box (with the bottom not taped shut, merely held together by the clown as he carries the box), containing a goodly number of rubber balls (or if you have more time to pick them up, ping pong balls, rubber eggs, etc.) Continue reading