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Sailor Beware (1952) starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

Sailor Beware

Sailor Beware (1952) starring Dean Martin and Jerry LewisSailor Beware (1952) starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

The description from reads: “Chasing pretty girls, blowing up a liferaft inside a submarine, virtually every sailor gag ever thought of, and a bunch of songs fill out this Martin and Lewis outing as a pair of sailors.”

That pretty much summarizes it pretty well.  Effectively a series of skits or sketches around the theme of being in the Navy.  Giving ample room for slapstick for Jerry Lewis, singing for Dean Martin, and comedic interaction between the two of them. (more…)

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On the Riviera, starring Danny Kaye, Gene Tierney, Corinne Calvet

On the Riviera

Editorial Review of On the Riviera (1951) starring Danny Kaye, Gene Tierney, Corinne Calvet, courtesy of

Just as Love Affair inspired An Affair to Remember and Sleepless in Seattle, Folies Bergere inspired That Night in Rio and On the Riviera. In Walter Lang’s Technicolor version, Danny Kaye‚ takes on a dual role previously assumed by Maurice Chevalier and Don Ameche.  A master of mistaken identity, Kaye makes it his own. His Jack Martin is an American song and dance man based in Monte Carlo. When playboy aviator Henri Duran (Kaye with French accent) returns from his latest adventure, Martin notices a resemblance. He also notices Duran’s neglected wife, Lili (Gene Tierney). After Duran is called away on business, Martin is enlisted to impersonate him for an important function. That gives him the chance to cozy up to Lili–and infuriate dance partner Colette (Corinne Calvet). Duran pays him back with an impersonation of his own. (more…)

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