Frank Avruch

Bozo the Clown Quotes - Bob Bell as Bozo

Bozo the Clown Quotes

Bozo the Clown Quotes – a collection of quotes by some of the individuals who have portrayed “Bozo, the world’s most famous clown”

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Bozo Frank Avruch and Professor Tweetyfoofer from Boston

Frank Avruch – Bozo the Clown

Frank Avruch biography

Frank Avruch was May 21, 1928 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.  Frank Avruch played Bozo the Clown from 1959 to 1970.  a clown character particularly popular in the U.S. in the 1960s because of widespread franchising in television. Avruch became the first nationally-syndicated Bozo the Clown. (more…)

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Bozo the World's Most Famous Clown - DVD - volume 1

Bozo: the World’s Most Famous Clown, volume 1

Bozo: the World’s Most Famous Clown, volume 1 starring Frank Avruch

 Bozo: the World’s Most Famous Clown is a 4-disc DVD collection.  It’s recordings of the live action Bozo the Clown show taped in Boston.  It stars Frank Avruch as Bozo, as well as fellow cast members Mr. Lion and Kookie Kangaroo (played by Carol Spinney, later known as Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch), Professor Tweedy Foofer, and others. (more…)

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