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Harold Lloyd hanging on for life from a clock in the iconic scene in Safety Last!

Safety Last! [Harold Lloyd]

Safety Last! (1923) starring Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis

Synopsis of Safety Last!

Harold Lloyd hanging on for life from a clock in the iconic scene in Safety Last!With its torrent of perfectly executed gags and astonishing stunts, Safety Last! is the perfect introduction to the comic genius of Harold Lloyd. He plays a small-town bumpkin trying to make it in the big city, who finds employment as a lowly department-store clerk. Laugh-out-loud funny and jaw-dropping in equal measure, Safety Last! is a movie experience par excellence, anchored by a true legend. (more…)

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An Eastern Westerner (1920) starring Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis

An Eastern Westerner [Harold Lloyd]

An Eastern Westerner (1920) starring Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis

Synopsis of An Eastern Westerner

In the silent short film An Eastern Westerner, the father of a spoiled young man ships him out West from New York to his uncle’s ranch.  The father hopes that the young man will toughen up and learn responsibility.  Once there, he squares off against a town bully and falls for a local belle. (more…)

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From Hand to Mouth (1919) starring Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, Peggy Cartwright, Snub Pollard

From Hand to Mouth

From Hand to Mouth (1919) starring Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, Peggy Cartwright, Snub Pollard

From Hand to Mouth begins with a pretty young woman (Mildred Davis) stands to inherit a fortune.  But a crooked lawyer deliberately does not tell her she must prove her claim before midnight. If she fails, the inheritance will go to her foster brother, whom the lawyer’s in league with.  With blatant eye-winking between the two demonstrates. The lawyer decides to be doubly certain and hires a man (Snub Pollard) and his gang to kidnap her.

Meanwhile, a penniless young man (Harold Lloyd) and an unrelated child (the waif, Peggy Cartwright) are both hungry. (more…)

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Movie poster for Grandma's Boy, starring Harold Lloyd

Grandma’s Boy

Grandma’s Boy (1922) starring Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis

Grandma’s Boy is the story of a quiet, shy, and yes, cowardly young man played by Harold Lloyd. His childhood is shown in flashback, humorously showing his cowardly nature.  Which gets him in further trouble as he’s courting his girlfriend (Mildred Davis) only to be intimidated by a bully (Charles Stevenson) who takes credit for churning the ice cream (the film is set back in the 1920’s after all) and ends up pushing him into a well — where his suit comically shrinks. (more…)

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Dr. Jack movie poster, starring Harold Lloyd and Mildred Davis

Dr. Jack | Harold Lloyd | movie review

Dr. Jack (1922) starring Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by Harold Lloyd’s Dr. Jack.  I’m not a huge fan of Harold Lloyd, but I truly enjoyed Dr. Jack.  The basic plot deals with the Sick-Little-Well-Girl (played by Harold Lloyd’s future wife, Mildred Davis).  She’s been under the care of an unscrupulous doctor, who keeps her medicated, in the dark (literally) and away from song and laughter.  Feeding her father’s fear of the slightest sniffle, and charging him exorbitant fees.  The family lawyer doesn’t trust the doctor, and suggests to the father that he bring in another doctor to consult.

At the same time, the audience is being introduced to Dr. Jack (Harold Lloyd), a poor but beloved country doctor, who dashes out on a medical emergency — “Mary’s dying!”  This leads to several very funny comic scenes on the way, as he leaves his car running in a circle on his front lawn while he dashes into his house to get his medical bag, moves cows out of the way while the car is running behind them, and being pulled over by a motorcycle cop (who merely wants to give him the remainder of his breakfast that his housekeeper has packed for him).  His car overheats on the way, and he falls off the police officer’s motorcycle, borrows a bicycle and falls off that, and runs the rest of the way.  Only to find out that “Mary” is a young girl’s doll, who’s fallen into their well. (more…)

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