Weekly clown-ministry.com mailing (1/14/2004)

  1. Introduction
  2. New skit on-line
  3. New articles
  4. Questions
  5. Web Site of the week
  6. Outroduction :o)

1. Introduction

Hello, and welcome to the weekly Clown-Ministry mailing list. This is just a short note to let everyone who’s interested know about new additions to the site, and related information.

And now, back to our regularly-scheduled newsletter.

2. New skits on-line

Breaking the Law, a skit for 3 speaking clowns – courtesy of Shelley Hitz — thanks Shelley! As always, feel free to submit your skits or articles!

3. New Articles

Added a biography of Oliver Hardy, Stan Laurel’s partner. (http://www.clown-ministry.com/history/oliver-hardy-biography.html) Also working on updating several reviews on-line (Harpo Speaks should be sometime this weekend)

4. Questions

Q: (from VNILLANCHOCLATE at aol dot com) — my name is ozella and i have an high functional autistic child.  his b-day is this weekend, he loves clowns, and im looking for a clown skit for a house party.  he has behavior problems and dosent seem to care about a lot of things so i need someone other than me to try to reach him.  pls email me and let me know if someone can help me in the riverside, moreno valley, san bernardino area.  or close by.  maybe even a referral.  thanks, ms. edwards — a phone number will be helpful

A: Can anyone in the San Bernardino area contact this lady & lend a hand (or even your entire body)?

Q: (from Darrell A Forsberg <dfelectronics.1 at juno dot com>) — My dear mother often recalled a certain special Independance Day parade in Missoula ,Montana . Her parents and her were living there, and she was about 4 or 5 yrs old ; they were standing on the edge of the parade route, and who should come marching toward them but…….CHARLIE CHAPLIN ! Or was it his look -alike.? This would have been approximately 1914 or 1915 if my calculations are accurate… As he approached mama, he bent down, scooped her up, and sat her on his shoulder as he marched down the street…..My grandpa was infuriated, and persued and “rescued” mama , according to the story she told…. Can you find anything in print about this incident, maybe even a photo ? It would have great sentimental value to me……

A: My first reaction is that this had to be a Chaplin imposter, since Charlie Chaplin was filming movies for the Keystone studio in 1914 and for Essanay in 1915, but… odder things have happened. Does anyone have/know of a source for any information about this parade?

Q: (from “Liz Weaver” <potters at effingham dot net>) — I am trying to find the publisher of the Jim Howle clown prints. I have 2 signed and numbered prints that have been damaged in storage and want to see of they have signed blanks that can be renumbered and replace my damaged ones. Any help or referal would be appreciated

A: Can anyone help? If nothing else, I can dig out Jim’s mailing address, but I don’t have any information about his publisher.

5. Web Site of the Week

I’ve mentioned the Clown Museum web site before (http://www.theclownmuseum.org/), and since they’ve named their ‘clowns of the year’ for 2003, it’s a good time to go see who made the list — speaking of which, I’ll have to add Pinto Colvig to the history section 🙂

6. Outroduction

This is a weekly e-mailing from http://www.clown-ministry.com/ — if you received this by mistake, or you just don’t want to receive it any more then simply reply to this message with ‘unsubscribe’ as the subject of your message, and I’ll gladly remove you from any future mailings. As always, feel free to submit your own skits, articles, ideas for articles, etc.

Thanks for listening, and bump a nose!

Tom Raymond
“Clowns work like aspirin, only faster” — Groucho Marx

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