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Why are clowns not popular to everyone?

(Editor’s note: an answer to a question posted at Quora)

Why is Mickey Mouse not popular to everyone? Why do some people prefer Batman v. Superman to The Avengers movie franchise?

Because individuals have different tastes.

But, part of the problem is that the poster of the question does define what he means by “clown”. I’d argue that ‘clown’ is much broader than the circus clowns (although I find them hilarious).

Do you enjoy the Carol Burnett Show? The entire cast are clowns without makeup.

The Three Stooges? All clowns.

The Marx Brothers? Danny Kaye? It’s a very long list.

“Clown” isn’t makeup. It’s the zany way they look at the world, and the zany way they respond to it. And yes, “zany” comes from the Italian word for clown.

Does everyone have to like clowns? No. Some people have different tastes – and clowns are okay with that. In one sense, clowning is an invitation to play. But it’s not a demand to do so.

Pat Valdo, in whiteface clown makeup, entertaining a group of children with a toy
An invitation to play …


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