Bozo boppers

Bozo Boppers – Bozo-themed inflatable boxing gloves

Buy from In a nutshell, the Bozo boppers are no more than inflatable boxing gloves, designed for use with the Bozo bop bag (or Bozo punching bag, as I tend to call it).  That’s it.  Cute, funny, large and clownish, protecting little hands.  A pity they don’t come in adult sizes or they’d make an excellent clown prop 🙂

Product Description of Bozo boppers

Bozo boppers - inflatable boxing gloves for use with the Bozo Bop BagOnce you put on these inflatable oversized boppers, the fun really begins. And one size fits all so everyone can get in on the action. These boppers are the safest and most fun way to bob and play. They are easy to inflate and made of durable fiber. Once you bop, you can’t stop! Ages 3 and up.

  • Punch someone in the face without getting arrested!
  • These inflatable, one-size-fits-all novelty Bozo Boppers are a fun way to bop and play.
  • They’re easy to inflate and consist of durable plastic that can withstand your best bop!
  • Try them with our Bozo Bop Bags for double the fun!
  • (Warning: no guarantee that you won’t be arrested.)
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