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Duane Thorpe, Uncle Soapy, whiteface circus clown

Duane Thorpe, aka. Uncle Soapy
Duane “Uncle Soapy” Thorpe (1924 – 1995) Inducted into the 2000 Clown Hall of Fame. Duane “Uncle Soapy” Thorpe is one of the few clowns to have had a successful career while working for only one circus. (Although Duane was in his fair share of soap gags through...
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Steve Smith, aka. TJ Tatters

Steve "T.J. Tatters" Smith (1951 - )
Steve “T.J. Tatters” Smith (1951 – ) Steve Smith is best known as the director of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey‘s Clown College. He was a graduate of the college (1971) and a performer and goodwill ambassador with the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey show’s blue unit...
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Oleg Popov, the Sunshine Clown

Oleg Popov
Oleg Popov (1930 – 2016) Oleg Popov was inducted into the Clown Hall of Fame in 1993 Born July 31, 1930 in Vyrubovo, Russia, Oleg Popov became the top clown with the Moscow State Circus. Known as the “Sunshine Clown,” Popov’s character is considered gentle and poetic. He...
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Paul Jung, famous producing circus clown

Color photo of Paul Jung - face
Paul Jung (1901 – April 21, 1965) Inducted into the Clown Hall of Fame in 1992. Paul Jung way born in Dayton, Ohio in 1901 to Paul and Mary Young, who were themselves professional entertainers. As a youngster Paul Jung first performed in a vaudeville acrobatic act with...
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Annie Fratellini, famous circus clown

Annie Fratellini in clown makeup
Annie Fratellini (1932 – 1997) Inducted into the Clown Hall of Fame in1994 — the first woman to be inducted. French clown Annie Fratellini is the granddaughter of Paul Fratellini. She carried on the tradition of the famous Fratellini brothers, adapting their routines to her impish feminine character....
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Gene Lee, aka. Cousin Otto – famous circus clown

Uncle Otto
Gene “Cousin Otto” Lee (1920 – 2016) Inducted into the Clown Hall of Fame in 1992, Wisconsin’s first Hall of Fame inductee, who was born in Milwaukee, logged his 50th year in clowning in 1991. Gene Lee’s clowning career included early stints in Cole Bros., Cole Bros.- Clyde...
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Yankee Dan Rice biography

Yankee Dan Rice
“Yankee Dan” Rice Dan Rice (1823-1901) – President Lincoln’s Court Jester Inducted into the 1991 Clown Hall of Fame The American Grimaldi – Dan Rice was the first truly great American clown, as well as the first clown star of the circus. Dan Rice was born in New...
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Leon McBryde, aka. “Buttons” biography

Face of Leon McBryde as Buttons
Leon McBryde, aka. “Buttons” (1943 – ) Inducted into the 1990 Clown Hall of Fame Growing up in Texas, at the age of 7 young Leon McBryde watched Lou Jacobs perform in the Ringling Brothers circus, and thought that it would be wonderful to do that when he...
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Lou Jacobs biography – Auguste circus clown

Lou Jacobs listening
Lou Jacobs (January 1, 1903 – September 13, 1992) Inducted into the 1989 Clown Hall of Fame Lou Jacobs is a legend among clowns. Nearly a decade after his death, he is still immediately recognizable to millions of people, with his bulbous nose, cone-head topped by a tiny...
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