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The Publicity Agent

The Publicity Agent - I Love Lucy episode 31, originally aired 5/12/1952
The Publicity Agent – I Love Lucy episode 31, originally aired 5/12/1952 When Ricky becomes insecure about his lack of publicity, Lucy decides to come to the rescue.  Especially after she learns how much money she could make as the publicity agent!  Lucy, with Ethel’s help, decides on the mother of...
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First Stop

First Stop – I Love Lucy season 4, episode 111 – originally aired 1/17/1955 Starting out on their trip to California, Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz) wants to log as many miles as possible, while the others complain of hunger.  Eventually, they stop at the One Oak Cafe and Cabins, where...
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The Charm School [I Love Lucy]

The Charm School, I Love Lucy season 3, originally aired January 25, 1954 The Charm School begins at a dinner party at the Ricardos’ apartment. Lucy gets upset that the men are gathered in the kitchen, while the women are talking in the living room.  Lucy tries to get...
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Ricky Thinks He’s Going Bald

Ricky Thinks He’s Going Bald – I Love Lucy episode 34, season 1, originally aired 6/2/1952 Ricky Thinks He’s Going Bald is a very good episode, highlighting Ricky’s vanity instead of Lucy’s foibles for a change.  After Lucy talks about crows feet, Ricky begins worrying about growing bald.  He goes the point...
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Lucy goes to a rodeo

Desi Arnaz performs Texas Pete in Lucy Goes to a Rodeo
I Love Lucy – Lucy Goes to a Rodeo– season 5, originally aired November 28, 1955 Fred has a Western-themed show coming up at his lodge, and he asks Ricky to perform in it.  Ricky can’t; but Lucy and Ethel volunteer.  The reason that Ricky can’t perform? He has...
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Pat Valdo

Pat Valdo's famous whiteface clown on a Ringling Brothers poster
Pat Valdo (1881-1970) Pat Valdo had a long career with the American circus.  He became one of the iconic clowns, and later became director of personnel at the Ringling Brothers circus.
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Ask Mr. Wise Guy

Ask Mr. Wise Guy - a clown ministry skit for multiple speaking clowns
Ask Mr. Wise Guy – a clown ministry skit for multiple speaking clowns Props required: Ladder (for the ‘wise guy’ to sit on, Bible, mutliple cards)
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