Putting Pants on Philip

Putting Pants on Philip (1927) starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy

The basic plot of Putting Pants on Philip deals with the stuffy J. Piedmont Mumblethunder (Oliver Hardy) meeting his Scottish nephew, Philip (Stan Laurel) at the docks, where he’s arriving for a visit.  One of the funniest bits of the movie is the medical exam the ship’s doctor has to give Stan before allowing him to disembark, with Stan Laurel’s gift for physical comedy in full effect. Continue reading

Bacon Grabbers

Bacon Grabbers (1929) starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Edgar Kennedy, Charlie Hall

If you’re familiar with the current reality TV series “Repo Men”, you should be warned that back in 1929 the term “Bacon Grabbers” meant repossession men.

The 1929 Laurel and Hardy silent short film, Bacon Grabbers, deals with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy working as “bacon grabbers” who have been sent to repossess a radio from Edgar Kennedy, who has fallen behind of his payments. Laurel and Hardy try to serve a subpoena to repossess it but Edgar Kennedy refuses to let them into the house.  This is the central conflict of the short film. Continue reading

They Go Boom!

They Go Boom! (1929) starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Charlie Hall

They Go Boom! Oliver Hardy sneezing keeps Stan Laurel awakeIn They Go Boom!, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are simply trying to sleep through the night in a rented room. Oliver, however, is suffering from a cold, and his sneezing is keeping Stanley awake.  Likewise, Stan’s snoring is keeping Ollie awake. Stan tries to “help” but keeps making things worse.  Things such as closing the blind, only for it to roll back up noisily.nailing a fallen picture back up only to puncture a water pipe so that Oliver gets soaked, making a “plaster” for Ollie’s chest (that ends up on his bottom instead), and making a foot bath of hot water (with something else mixed in the water), etc.

They Go Boom! Oliver Hardy sufferingStan tries to coat Oliver’s throat with medicine, having Ollie accidentally swallow the thing, nearly choking in the process. Adding insult to injury, Oliver’s air mattress becomes deflated.  They try to re-inflate it, eventually trying to use gas to inflate it …  A point that becomes important later on. Continue reading

The Live Ghost

Laurel and Hardy’s The Live Ghost (1934) starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Walter Lang

On one hand, The Live Ghost is a very typical Laurel and Hardy short film – in fact, it co-stars all of the Roach Studio players that we typically find in a Laurel and Hardy film (Walter Long as the gruff sea captain, Arthur Housman as an inebriated sailor, Charlie Hall as another sailor and Mae Busch as the “floozy”) except for James Finlayson.  The basic plot has Walter Long as a gruff sea captain, who’s having trouble hiring sailors to work on his ship, since it has a reputation for being haunted.  He hires Laurel and Hardy to help him shanghai a crew (in a very funny extended scene, with Stan and Ollie and a bag of boiled eggs), ending with not only the sailors being shanghaied but Laurel and Hardy as well. Continue reading


Helpmates (1932) Laurel and Hardy film, starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy

The Laurel and Hardy film Helpmates begins with Oliver Hardy remonstrating someone for their bad behavior – “I used to have such high hopes for you!” – as the camera pans back to let the audience see that he’s talking to his mirror, chewing himself out for misbehaving while his wife is away visiting her mother in Chicago.  He had a wild part and totally trashed his house.  A telegram arrives with the news that his wife will unexpectedly arrive home by noon.  In a panic, Oliver calls Stan Laurel to come and help him clean up this mess.  After a very funny telephone conversation, where Stan explains why he wasn’t at Ollie’s party last night, Oliver tells him to get over there immediately.  Almost before Oliver has a chance to hang up the telephone, Stan is knocking at his front door. Continue reading