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Gene Lee, aka. Cousin Otto – famous circus clown

Uncle Otto
Gene “Cousin Otto” Lee (1920 – 2016) Inducted into the Clown Hall of Fame in 1992, Wisconsin’s first Hall of Fame inductee, who was born in Milwaukee, logged his 50th year in clowning in 1991. Gene Lee’s clowning career included early stints in Cole Bros., Cole Bros.- Clyde...
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Arthur Pedlar – famous English clown

Arthur Vercoe Pedlar
Arthur Pedlar (1932 – ) Arthur Vercoe Pedlar was born into a Congregational family and lives in in Southport, Merseyside, England. He was educated at Leighton Park School in Reading, Berkshire, England, a Quaker school. He first became interested in clowns when he visited the Bertram Mills Circus...
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Joseph Grimaldi, father of modern clowning

Joseph Grimaldi as Clown
Joseph Grimaldi (December 18, 1778 – May 31, 1837) Inducted into the 1990 Clown Hall of Fame, Joseph Grimaldi was one of the greatest English pantomimes. His father was Giuseppit Grimaldi (died 1788), an Italian dancing master and pantomimist. Joseph’s stage debut was at 3 years old in...
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Biography of Marcel Marceau, (Bip the Clown)

Painting of Marcel Marceau by Jim Howle
Marcel Marceau – Le Mime Marceau – March 22, 1923 – September 22, 2007 Marcel Marceau is known the world over as the famous mime, Bip.   He is widely recognized as having been influential in restoring the art of pantomime in the 20th century.   Many people know him...
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Francesco Caroli, European white face circus clown

Francesco Caroli, famous European whiteface circus clown, in costume
 Biography of Francesco Caroli (September, 1922 – May 18, 2004) Born in San Donna di Piave, Italy, he worked with his brothers’ equestrian act in England at the Great Carmo Circus and Blackpool Tower Circus before World War II. In 1939 they were in Germany with the Circus...
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The whiteface clown – clown types

Francesco Caroli, famous European whiteface circus clown, in costume
Character of the white face clown The white face clown, a.k.a. the classic clown or the whiteface clown, is the clown most people first think of when they hear the word “clown.” Associated with the  circus, the whiteface clown is the most intelligent of the clowns, and is...
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Bev Bergeron, Rebo the magic clown

Rebo the clown, portrayed by Bev Bergeron
Beverly “Rebo” Bergeron (?? – present) Everyone has seen a clown twisting a single balloon into a dog — but who did it first? The answer, unsurprisingly, is Bev Bergeron, in 1959. But he first came to national prominence a year earlier, in 1958, when he created Rebo...
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