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Buy from Playchute parachute – This is actually more of a prop to use at a birthday party or picnic, and not as much for on stage, but it’s still contagious fun. For those who are wondering “what is it?” the answer is, “It’s a parachute.”

Playchute animated pictureNo, not the jump-out-of-a-plane parachute. It’s a colorful toy parachute, about 9 feet in diameter. What do you do with it? Just like in the picture, you space children around the edge, and flip it up, and do dozens of games — run under the parachute & out again before it comes down, start a “ripple” in the chute, use it to bounce a ball up in the air (outside, please!), etc. There are umpteen uses for this, and it comes in very handy at picnics, birthday parties, etc.

Editorial Review of the Playchute Parachute – courtesy of

The parachute gambit is a teacher’s secret weapon–a tried-and-true way to annihilate the afternoon blahs. At approximately 9 feet in diameter, with handles all the way around for little (or big) hands to grab, this sunny Playchute Parachute is just smaller than the classroom standard. Fling it into the air and watch it drift down. Run underneath it and watch the colors rain down. Throw a few stuffed animals in the center and bounce them around. Simple, satisfying thrills, and worth every penny. –Claire Dederer

From the Manufacturer of the Playchute Parachute

Just open the box and watch their faces. Every child instinctively knows what to do with our Playchute Parachute. Gigantic fun for kids of all ages. Promotes cooperative group play while helping to build muscles. Great at birthday parties and picnics. There are over 100 different games a child can play using these Playchutes. Develops perceptual, cognitive, motor and academic skills. A must have item for every child. Comes with it’s own nylon carry bag.

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