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How Do I Start Clowning? Now what do I do?

How Do I Start Clowning? Now, what do I do?

So, you’ve determined your clown character, designed your make-up, and created a costume that will work for you. What next?

Well, before you go before that first audience, you will need something to do to entertain them! I recommend that you look at some of the skits that you can do for a start (we’ll list several good resources for skits at the end of this article). But there’s more, of course.

You have seen clowns twisting balloon animals. You have seen clowns juggling things. You have seen clowns doing simple magic tricks, or riding a unicycle, or using stilts, or face painting, or origami, to amuse their audiences. You have probably seen them doing several of these things, or perhaps doing them in unison, or in conjunction with a skit. If you haven’t seen the handwriting on the wall by now, that’s where we’ll go in our next series of articles.

Before we go there, keep in mind two important things. First, these articles are no replacement for full-fledged books on these subjects.  Check out the Reviews category for reviews on books covering all of those categories. Secondly, and more important, your character and your desire to entertain are more important than being the world’s greatest juggler, magician, unicyclist, or what have you. Remember that you’re an entertainer first, and a (magician, juggler, stilt walker, et cetera) second.

Next time, we’ll start by talking about twisting balloon animals, and how to be a “twisted” individual. See you then!

Bibliography of clown skits


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