Bumping into Broadway

Bumping into Broadway (1919) starring Harold Lloyd, Bebe Danial, Snub Pollard

Synopsis of Bumping into Broadway

Harold Lloyd silent comedy short film where he’s an aspiring playwright who spends his last dime to help his boardinghouse neighbor, a struggling starlet (Bebe Daniels) pay her rent.  Pursuing her, he winds up at a gambling club, where he accidentally wins big, just before a police raid.

Bumping into Broadway review

An impoverished young fellow finds himself Bumping into Broadway when he falls in love with a pretty showgirl.
Bumping into Broadway (1919) starring Harold Lloyd, Bebe Danial, Snub PollardThis fast-moving silent comedy gave Harold Lloyd an early success for his famous silent character with glasses. Antic chases and sight gags are plentiful.  I was pleasantly surprised by just how acrobatic Harold Lloyd was in his comedy. Swiftly moving from boardinghouse to street, on to the theater, and finally to an elaborate speakeasy, the plot gives Harold plenty of opportunity to entertain – and he does!

Cast of characters in Bumping into Broadway

  • Bebe Daniels is the love interest, a young would-be starlet whom Harold gives his last dime so that she’s not thrown out of their boardinghouse since she’s behind on the rent.  Of course, so is Harold …
  • Harold Lloyd is the would-be playwright, a literal Horatio Alger character, who wants to write a Broadway comedy.  He spends a lot of time hiding, escaping, being creative and entertaining.  A very funny, enjoyable performance.
  • Helen Gilmore is the fierce landlady.
  • Tough guy Noah Young is the boardinghouse bouncer.
  • In a brief (but funny) role, Gus Leonard, in drag, is hilarious as the man-crazy spinster who lives one floor below Harold.

Some favorite gags throughout Bumping into Broadway include:

  • Harold Lloyd trying to fix his typewriter
  • Numerous acrobatic moments, especially when trying to elude the police during the speakeasy raid
  • The walking table bit at the speakeasy
  • The very clever overcoat gag

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