The Visitor, a free clown Christmas skit for 4 or more clowns, courtesy of Clowns for Christ, inspired by Leo Tolstoy’s famous story of the same name
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The Visitor – Christmas

The Visitor, a free clown Christmas skit for 4 or more clowns, courtesy of Clowns for Christ, inspired by Leo Tolstoy’s famous story of the same name

Parts:  Dusting Clown, Sweeping Clown, Mailman, Hurt Child, Hurt Child’s Friend, Cashier, Teen Clown, Hobo Man, Hobo Woman, Off-Stage Voice
Other children that can run through with the Hurt Child and her friend, and then run off, leaving only the two. Hobo Man and Woman can be played by one person.
Christmas Skit opens with Dusting Clown and Sweeping Clown. They are separated by a partition of some sort, can be a screen or even just a row of chairs, to simulate two houses.
(Mailman enters. He rings the doorbell of Dusting Clown.)
Mailman: Special delivery! A letter for you.
Dusting clown: Who is it from?
Mailman (holds envelope to ear): It doesn’t say, but here you go ma’am. Have a nice day!
(Mailman steps away and then freezes or begins working his way to Sweeping Clown ‘s house. While he does this. Dusting Clown opens letter and reads aloud.)
Dusting Clown: “Dear (Dusting Clown’s name), I will be coming to visit you today. I look forward to seeing you. Love, Jesus.” (Puts letter down) Jesus coming here? Oh my! I had better go change and then I had better go shopping! No, wait, I will have this dinner catered. After all, Jesus doesn’t just come to see me every day. (She freezes)
(Mailman unfreezes or is now at Sweeping Clown’s door. He rings the doorbell.)
Mailman: Special delivery! A letter for you.
Sweeping Clown: Good morning, (Mailman’s name). Who is it from?
Mailman (holds envelope to ear): It doesn’t say, but here you go ma’am. Have a nice day! (He shivers or stutters a bit from the cold)
Sweeping Clown: You look cold. Do you have time to come in and warm up?
Mailman: I’m afraid not, but thank you for the offer.
Sweeping Clown: Well, I did save you some coffee this morning, and I put it in this Thermos for you. (Hands him thermos)
Mailman: But I can’t take your Thermos. (As he says this, he takes Thermos and clutches it to himself.)
Sweeping Clown: Don’t worry about it. Bring it back tomorrow and I’ll refill it.
Mailman: Thank you! Here’s your letter. Have a nice day. (He gives her the letter and leaves)
Sweeping Clown: (opens letter and reads) “Dear (Sweeping Clown’s name), I will be coming to visit you today. I look forward to seeing you. Love, Jesus.” (Puts letter down) Jesus coming here? Oh my! What will I serve him? I won’t get any money until the first of the month. I have no food in the house. Hmmm … let’s see … (picks up purse and removes change, grimacing at the amount) Well, I have enough for some bread and bologna. I suppose that will have to do. (She puts on a coat and leaves. Dusting Clown unfreezes and does the same.)
(Hurt Child and Hurt Child’s Friend are chasing each other and run between the ladies. Hurt Child gets knocked down and starts to cry, holding her knee).
Dusting Clown: You kids need to watch where you are going! One of you could get hurt. Now excuse me, I have and important guest coming and I must get ready. (She hurries off)
Sweeping Clown: (bending down to hurt child) Let me see that honey. (She takes a handkerchief out of her purse and dabs at the child’s knee) There, that’s not so bad. Let me help you home.
Hurt Child: No, that’s OK, I think I am fine now. My friend will help me home and my mom will put a band aid on it. (Kids leave)
(Sweeping Clown walks over to store, picks up loaf of bread and bologna, and then proceeds to cashier at end of table. She then counts out her change.)
Cashier: Here is your change, 53 cents.
Sweeping Clown: Thank you.
(Dusting Clown enters)
Sweeping Clown: Hi, neighbor.
Dusting Clown: Hi.
Teen clown: (enters) Hello, ladies.
Dusting Clown: Hi! How are you on this beautiful day?
Teen Clown: Not so good, actually. A good friend of mine is in prison, and I don’t have the bus fare to go visit him.
Dusting Clown: You don’t have fifty cents?
Teen Clown: No, I didn’t know this was going to happen, so I spent all my money on a new stereo, but I can’t return it because I didn’t keep the receipt.
Dusting Clown: I hope you will learn to be more careful from this, or you’ll end up like those people over there (points to Hobo Man and Hobo Woman, who have entered quietly). They are filthy! You can smell them clear over here. They could get a job, but do they? No, they just sit around and do nothing.
Teen Clown: They look hungry.
Sweeping Clown: You’re right. Hey, here is fifty cents. I think your friend probably needs you right now. Go see him.
Teen Clown: Thank you! (he leaves)
(Dusting Clown shakes her head at this as she and Sweeping Clown start walking towards hobos).
Hobo Man: Hey ladies, could you help us? Look, I ain’t got a job you know, and we been living here in the street, but now it’s getting kind of cold and we’re really getting hungry.
Dusting Clown: I have company coming. I have to go (leaves).
Sweeping Clown: I am kind of poor myself. I don’t have anything but this bread and bologna, and I was going to serve that to an important guest I have coming.
Hobo Woman: That’s OK. (They turn and start to walk away. Hobo Woman is shivering)
Sweeping Clown: (watches for a moment) Wait. Here, it’s not much but it’s all I have. I will figure out something else to serve my guest. (Hands them bag with bread and bologna)
Hobo Man: Thank you very much!
Hobo Woman: Yes, Th-th-thank you s-s-so much. (She is still shivering)
Sweeping Clown: You know, I have another coat at home. Here, take this one. (She takes off coat and gives it to Hobo Woman)
(Hobo couple leaves and Sweeping Clown heads home. Meanwhile, Mailman comes back and drops another letter at each “door.” He leaves before the ladies arrive. Both ladies enter and pick up letters at doors. Sweeping Clown shivering.)
Dusting Clown: (reading letter) “Dear (Dusting Clown’s name), I am sorry I missed you today. I hope to see you the next time I am in your neighborhood. Love, Jesus.” (she freezes, looking shocked)
Sweeping Clown: (reading letter) “Dear (Sweeping Clown’s name), It was so nice to see you again. Thank you so much for the warm coffee, for cleaning my hurt knee, and for the wonderful meal. It was so nice of you to allow my young friend to come and see me in prison. Oh, and the warm coat is just beautiful! Thank you again. Love, Jesus.”
Off-Stage Voice: “…I tell you the truth, whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me…” – Matthew 25:40


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