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Fire Prevention Week Skit

Fire Prevention Week Skit – by Scott Owen

(Editor’s Note: One of the visitors to the old Clown-Ministry.com site is Scott Owen, a professional firefighter. Using the clown tutorials on the site, Scott (and some friends) created a clown show for Fire Prevention Week. Scott was good enough to e-mail us about it, and so I’m sharing the gist of his message.)

Fire Prevention Week Skit – by Scott Owen“The photo I sent you was for a Fire Prevention Week skit.  Smokey and Jokey the Clowns worked with our firefighters and FirePup to put on a show which discussed how to get out of a room if it catches on fire.  We talked with the kids about fire safety; stop, drop and roll; playing with matches and lighters; and exit drills in the home.  Jokey (purple hair clown) eventually plays with matches and starts his desk on fire.

Smokey helps Jokey out of the room, calls the fire department and the Fire Department shows up.  The firefighter comes in and puts out the “fire” and then reviews what the kids have already learned.  The clowns come back in and talk again with the kids about what happened.  It is a GREAT interaction skit with the kids.  We received a lot of positive feedback from the schools.  Next year we are bringing the clowns back with an additional “friend”.  We had Channel 9 show up and it was on the news.  If you would like anything else, please let me know.”


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