The True Meaning of Christmas

The True Meaning of Christmas, a free clown Christmas skit for 2 or more clowns, written by John Gravley

MAIN IDEA: introduce discussion about the true meaning of Christmas.
HELPERS: at least two are needed but more can join.
SETTING: classroom with teacher and at least one student.
PROPS: large calendar with Dec. 25th highlighted, Christmas decorations, camera, Santa hat, small gift, a sign that says Jesus, a large red paper heart and enough 2 inch red paper hearts for the audience.
SKIT: The Teacher (either a clown or not … must be able to talk) enters and is followed by the Student(s) (one or more clowns).
the Teacher”: It is almost Christmas, so today I thought I would ask you if you could tell me the true meaning of Christmas.
the Student(s)“: spend time thinking until finally, one pulls out a large calendar with Dec. 25th marked in red or highlighted so all can see…then the Student(s) act out holiday activities (sleeping, eating, playing a game, etc … )
the Teacher”: Yes for many people Christmas is a holiday, a time to relax and rest, but I think there is more to Christmas … what do you think?
the Student(s)“: again spend time thinking then go over to a Christmas tree and place some more decorations on it and then have someone take a picture with the student(s) posing next to the tree.
the Teacher”: Yes there are many pretty decorations at Christmas and it is nice enjoying them but there is more to Christmas….
the Student(s)“: again spend time thinking then put a Santa hat on one of the students or the teacher and sit on his/her lap and pretend to be telling Santa what they want. Santa has a bag and searches to pull out either and very very small or very very big gift for the one on his/her lap.
the Teacher”: Yes many people do give and receive Christmas presents. We see Santa everywhere and yes Christmas is about giving. But what gift do we really celebrate at Christmas
the Student(s)” the student(s) think and finally one pulls out a large red paper heart that has been folded to fit in a small pocket. The student unfolds the heart and proudly displays it to everyone …
the Teacher”: Yes that’s right we celebrate God’s gift of Love at Christmas. We celebrate God’s gift of baby Jesus at Christmas. In the Bible John 3:16 tells us (read John 3:16) Christmas is about receiving and sharing God’s gift of love to us all.
the Student(s)“: the student with the big red heart puts the Jesus sign on and gives the heart to another student (or teacher if only one student) the person with the big heart now finds lots of little red hearts in an envelope taped on one side of the Big heart. All of the participants take the little red hearts and give one to every person present. (**Be sure you have enough to give everyone!!! This is the symbol of God’s gift that is for EVERYONE!!!)
the Teacher”: Yes this is the TRUE meaning of Christmas….

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