Clowns in the Twilight Zone

Clowns in  The Twilight Zone

Clowns in The Twilight Zone – Clowns in the Twilight ZoneThroughout this website, I have numerous book and DVD reviews, with links to I receive a commission on every sale, which helps support the website.   However, once someone leaves  and goes to, I receive credit for anything that they buy on that particular trip.  Which, financially, is fine; however, sometimes I get some really odd items that people buy there.   Yesterday, however, I was pleasantly surprised.

Someone purchased the DVD of the third season of Rod Serling’s ground-breaking television series,  The Twilight Zone.   I’m a long-time fan of that anthology series, and I’ve noticed in the past some of the great clowns of the 20th Century who’ve had performances on it (Art Carney  in  Night of the Meek,  Ed Wynn  in  One for the Angels,  Danny Kaye  in  Paladin of the Lost Hour, etc.) – but I was pleasantly surprised by how many “clown” performances there were in the third season.

  • Buster Keaton stars in Once Upon a Time
  • Carol Burnett stars in  Cavender Is Coming
  • In  Five Characters in Search of an Exit, an actor (who was not a professional/”real” clown) portrays a clown extremely well.
  • Ed Wynn stars in  Ninety Years without Slumbering as well as One for the Angels

As I say, I have to admit to being biased in favor of  The Twilight Zone, but part of that is the quality of the acting and the stories.

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