Are you a verb or a noun?

Are you a verb or a noun? A challenge

Last night, I returned from the  IM1-UR1 Men’s Conference  where, among other things, the former  Green Bay Packer  Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila (KGB for short) gave an excellent presentation and challenge.   In a nutshell, he told the story of how he was raised Muslim, by his Nigerian father.   Although his Nigerian mother converted to Christianity after they moved here, KGB wasn’t impressed by the Christians he met in his early life. They lived more sinfully than he did, and whenever he asked them a challenging question, such as “Where does the Bible say that Jesus Christ is God?”€ they simply didn’t know.   He described these people as  nouns.


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Is Rush Limbaugh a Clown?

Is Rush Limbaugh a Clown?

 Recently,  the New York Times  (among a host of other media outlets) has begun painting  Rush Limbaugh  as a clown, in order to discredit him, as well as give President Obama a figurehead Republican to rail against.   Unfortunately, as happens all too frequently lately at the New York Times, they write on a subject that they haven’t done their research on –€” clowns. (more…)

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The Twilight Zone - the definitive edition - Season 3 - DVD

Clowns in the Twilight Zone

Clowns in  The Twilight Zone

Clowns in The Twilight Zone – Clowns in the Twilight ZoneThroughout this website, I have numerous book and DVD reviews, with links to I receive a commission on every sale, which helps support the website.   However, once someone leaves  and goes to, I receive credit for anything that they buy on that particular trip.  Which, financially, is fine; however, sometimes I get some really odd items that people buy there.   Yesterday, however, I was pleasantly surprised. (more…)

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50th Wedding Anniversary

Today, November 15th, I was hired to perform as a clown at a couple’€™s 50th wedding anniversary.   It was a very nice family, and they had hired me to keep the children entertained — €”and I decided to entertain the adults as well.   Everybody had a good time, and I received a tip on top of it, so everyone must have been pleased.

Some people think that all clowning is clown ministry, and I think that there’€™s a grain of truth in that.   For example, I view it as an opportunity to show that there’s laughter, and happiness, in life, with the implication that Someone is behind that. In a secular event like the wedding anniversary, I need to leave it at that.

However, sometimes you give as a clown, and sometimes you receive.

If my Dad hadn’t passed away a little more than a year ago, today would have been my parents’ 50th anniversary.

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Brian O'Brian - silent clown skits

Brian O’Brian – silent clown skits

My younger children (ages 11 and under) are big fans of the Disney Channel’s tv series,  The Suite Life of Zach and Cody — which I have to admit, I’m not.   However, I’ve long been a fan of  Brian Stepanek, who plays the custodian/inventor/geek Arwen on the series — he plays his part as a true clown, and he’s very funny to watch.   He’s now starring in a series of silent short (5 minutes) episodes called  Brian O’Brian, about a well-intentioned goof who gets in (and out) of trouble.   It’s non-speaking, allowing him to communicate visually, as well as having the benefit of allowing Disney to show the episodes in America, Italy, Japan, etc. on their various cable TV properties without the need for translations or subtitles.


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Clown troupe driven out of Iraq by terrorists

In a story from the BBC:  Exiled Iraqi clowns cheer refugees

“Rahman, Ali and Safi are members of Happy Family Clowns group, established in 2004 to put smiles on the faces of Iraqi children.

A few months ago the group started receiving death threats warning them against continuing their show, entitled A Child is as Scared as a Country.

But the clowns kept going, until two members of the troupe were murdered.

This was enough to drive the surviving three to leave Iraq.

“We don’t know why they targeted us. We were entertaining children,” says Rahman.” (more…)

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Why haven’t you reviewed …

Why haven’t you reviewed … some feedback on how things get reviewed here

A few days ago, I received a very nice email thanking me for the site, and especially the section on Red Skelton (one of my favorite TV clowns).   The nice lady emailing asked me why I hadn’t reviewed some of his books and movies, most notably  The Clown — €by all reports an excellent movie, with great amounts of humor and pathos, showcasing the acting talents of Red Skelton in ways rarely seen.   The answer is very simple: I’ve never seen it. (more…)

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Clown Ministry Wife Swap ?

My life gets surreal sometimes.   I’€™ve been contacted by lots of nice people over the years due to running the Clown Ministry website, and a few strange requests as well.   I’€™m adding the phone call that I received this morning from the  Wife Swap  TV show to the “strange” category.

The producers of the  Wife Swap  show are apparently looking for a couple involved in clown ministry (preferably with both parents active in clowning), with small children at home.   Part of the follow-up email that I received reads as follows: (more…)

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Biblical basis of ministry

Biblical Basis of Ministry

Biblical basis of ministry – what foundation do we rest on?

In the 07/11/2004 newsletter, I made what I considered to be an innocuous request. I requested American subscribers to contact their senators in favor of the Federal Marriage Amendment. This legally defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman. I was surprised by some of the responses that I received. (more…)

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