TV clowns

Photograph of a young Harvey Korman

Harvey Korman biography

Harvey Korman (February 15, 1927 – May 29, 2008) Harvey Korman, famous TV clown, was born Harvey Herschel Kormen in Chicago, Illinois. He gained much of his initial experience at Chicago’s well-known Goodman Theatre, working as a door-to-door aluminum siding salesman while trying to break into the ‘big time.’ He had minor Broadway roles, as well […]

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Dusty's Trail, starring Bob Denver and Forrest Tucker

Dusty’s Trail

Dusty’s Trail – starring Bob Denver, Forrest Tucker DVD review of Dusty’s Trail – starring Bob Denver, Forrest Tucker – an attempt to re-create Gilligan’s Island, set in the American Old West

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Charlie Cairoli, British clown

Charlie Cairoli

Charlie Cairoli (1915-1980) Charlie Cairoli (February 15, 1910 in Milan – February 17, 1980 in Blackpool) was a famous British clown, impressionist and musician. Born to a travelling circus family of French origin, he began his performing career at the age of seven, and, after visiting the Blackpool Tower Circus in 1939, chose to stay. […]

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Irv Romig

Irvin Romig

Irvin ‘Ricky’ Romig (1920-2010) Irvin ‘Ricky’ Romig was born into show business and was working in the family’s acts by the age of four. An acrobatic clown skilled in comedy falls; Irv appeared with many circuses throughout the 1930’s and 1940’s, including the Walter l. Main Circus, Kelly Miller Bros., and Ringling Brothers and Barnum […]

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Tim Conway

Tim Conway quotes

Quotes from Tim Conway As a kid I was short and only weighed 95 pounds. And though I was active in a lot of sports and got along with most of the guys, I think I used comedy as a defense mechanism. You know making someone laugh is a much better way to solve a […]

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Art Carney as drunkenSanta Claus in the Twilight Zone episode, Night of the Meek

The Night of the Meek – Art Carney – Twilight Zone

I’ve been a long-time fan of the original  Twilight Zone series – this episode is an excellent example of why.   Something that Rod Serling tended to do multiple times throughout the series was to take a comedian/clown, and puts him in an unusual, dramatic role, to a great result.   The first time that he did […]

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Jackie Gleason kissed by Audrey Meadows

Jackie Gleason biography

Jackie Gleason biography Herbert John “Jackie” Gleason (b. February 26, 1916, Brooklyn, New York; d. June 24, 1987, Inverrary, Florida), an American comedian and actor, was one of the most popular and respected stars of television’s coming-of-age years. Though Jackie Gleason earned tandem respect for his periodic dramatic work in film and television, his major […]

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The Victor Borge Show Collection - first time on DVD - 3 DVD set

The Victor Borge Show Collection (1951)

 If you’re a fan of Victor Borge (as I am), you’ll appreciate this 3-DVD set of his short-lived TV series from 1951 (with the great TV clown  Art Carney), as well as appearances from Cavalcade of Stars (with  Jackie Gleason), The Colgate Comedy Hour (with  Bud Abbott  and  Lou Costello), Highlights from the Hollywood Place […]

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