Drinking water

Drinking water – a clown bit

Yesterday, I was watching a collection of routines from Laurel and Hardy, and saw this drinking water routine done by Stan Laurel — I believe in Laughing Gravy.

Stan and Ollie are sharing a bed and trying to go to sleep.  Stan, however, has the hiccoughs, and Ollie asks him to drink some water.  Stan sits up in bed and grabs a water picture and glass from the bedside table.  He pours water into the glass.  He then sets the glass aside, and drinks directly from the pitcher!  After a satisfied “ah!” he drinks more from the pitcher.  Finished, he empties the glass of water back into the pitcher. He wipes his mouth on the bed sheet, lies back, and goes to bed.

As with the other clown bits, this isn’t a routine by itself, but would be used as part of a larger skit.