Welcome to Famous Clowns


Welcome to FamousClowns.org, a web site dedicated to the history and performance of clowning. Famous Clowns is run by Tom Raymond, who performs at a professional clown as Raynbow the Clown in Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A. What can you do here? There’s a free tutorial on starting clowning, … Continue reading

A History of Clowns


(thanks to Bruce "Charlie" Johnson and The Clown Hall of Fame) Introduction The art of clowning has existed for thousands of years. A pygmy clown performed as a jester in the court of Pharaoh Dadkeri-Assi during Egypt’s Fifth Dynasty about 2500 B.C. Court jesters have performed in China since … Continue reading

George Carl

George Carl (May 7, 1916 – January 1, 2000) was a gifted pantomime slapstick artist and vaudevillian style clown. George Carl was born in Ohio, and started his comedy career traveling with a variety of circuses during his teenage years. In time, Carl would later become internationally famous as a … Continue reading

Grandma’s Boy

Grandma's Boy (1922) starring Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis Grandma's Boy is the story of a quiet, shy, and yes, cowardly young man played by Harold Lloyd. His childhood is shown in flashback, humorously showing his cowardly nature -- which gets him in further trouble as he's courting his … Continue reading