I Love Lucy episode guide – season 6

I Love Lucy episode guide – season 6 – final regular season

The final regular season of I Love Lucy features a growing emphasis on Little Ricky, as well as the Ricardos move to the country

  • Lucy Meets Bob Hope
    • When Bob Hope is going to appear at Ricky’s club, Lucy is afraid that he’s afraid of her … and so she goes to the baseball game to explain that he has nothing to fear, leading to her impersonating a hot dog vendor, and being the cause of Bob Hope being hit on the head! Later, she tries to impersonate a baseball player in order to get near to him, but Ricky turns the tables on her … with Lucy having the last laugh, appearing in the show with Ricky and Bob Hope.
  • Little Ricky Learns to Play the Drums
    • After Ricky and Lucy argue about what Little Ricky will be when he grows up (Doctor or Drummer), Little Ricky takes to the drums like a duck to water … and plays for days, until Fred and Ethel are ready to evict Ricky, Lucy and Little Ricky!
  • Lucy Meets Orson Welles
    • After Lucy gets to perform with Orson Wells at the Tropicana, she tries to turn his magic-act into Shakespeare to impress her old drama teacher in the audience.
  • Little Ricky Gets Stage Fright
    • Little Ricky gets stage fright right before performing in front of an audience for the first time … and momma Lucy promises him that she’ll be right by him.
  • Visitor from Italy
    • The famous Lucy flipping pizza dough episode.
  • Off to Florida
    • In order to catch up with Ricky and Fred in Florida, Lucy and Ethel ride with a strange woman (played by Elsa Lanchester) … but let their imaginations run away with them when they hear a radio report about an escaped murderer …
  • Deep Sea Fishing
    • A classic ‘€˜girls vs. guys’ episode, where Fred and Ricky make a wager with Lucy and Ethel about who can catch the largest fish during their Florida vacation … but which side is Little Ricky on?
  • Desert Island
    • What will Lucy and Ethel do to prevent Ricky and Fred from judging a bathing suit contest?  And how does it involve a deserted island?  And a savage native?  And Ricky and Fred’s revenge?
  • The Ricardos Visit Cuba
    • At long last, Ricky gets to visit Cuba and visit his relatives … and Lucy gets a chance to roll cigars?
  • Little Ricky’s School Pageant
    • After battling through some ego issues, Ricky, Lucy, Fred and Ethel all have parts in Little Ricky’s school pageant – €”with Lucy as the evil witch!
  • Lucy and the Loving Cup
    • Lucy, fooling around with a trophy as a ‘hat’ gets it stuck on her head … and needs to get it off in time for Ricky to present the trophy!  Includes the famous scene with Lucy riding the subway with the trophy on her head … unwittingly separated from Ethel.
  • Lucy and Superman
    • When Little Ricky wants Superman to appear at his birthday party, momma Lucy decides to ‘€˜impersonate’ the Man of Steel … not realizing that Ricky has contacted the TV star, leading Lucy to hide on the ledge in her Superman suit.
  • Little Ricky Gets a Dog
    • Little Ricky gets a new dog, a loud, barking, annoying dog … that he names Freddy, after his godfather Fred Mertz.
  • Lucy Wants to Move to the Country
    • Beginning the ‘€˜move to the country’ story arc, Lucy wants to move to the country to raise Little Ricky.  But she has buyer’s remorse when she realizes that she’ll be leaving Ethel and Fred behind, and entices them to help her avert the purchase of the new country house.
  • Lucy Hates to Leave
    • Moving in temporarily with the Mertzes while preparing for their move to the country, Lucy and Ricky prove the truth behind the old adage that ‘€˜fish and visitors both stink after 3 days.’
  • Lucy Misses the Mertzes
    • Inevitably, Lucy misses Ethel, and Ricky misses Fred – €”so the Ricardos plan a surprise visit back to the city; at the same time, the Mertzes plan a surprise visit to their friends the Ricardos in the country!  Will they meet up?  And why is Lucy hearing burglars?
  • Lucy Gets Chummy with the Neighbors
    • Lucy’s new neighbor, Betty Ramsey (Mary Jane Croft in a recurring role) convinces Lucy that she needs new furniture.  Will she have some ‘€˜splainin’ to do?
  • Lucy Raises Chickens
    • Lucy (and Ethel) decide to raise chickens to help offset their country living expenses.  Until Little Ricky lets the cat (or the chicks) out of the bag
  • Ragtime Band
    • The crew has relocated to Connecticut, and Lucy has volunteered Ricky and his band to perform for the local Historical Society.  Only Ricky refuses to go along. So, Lucy decides to use the ‘other’ Ricky Ricardo — Little Ricky — and Fred, Ethel, Lucy and Little Ricky start rehearsing — badly.
  • Lucy’s Night on the Town
    • Murphy’s Law is in full force when the Ricardos and the Mertzes leave their new Connecticut home for an evening of dinner and theater in New York City.
  • Housewarming
    • When Lucy tries to warm Ethel to an aloof Betty Ramsey, Lucy is left out in the cold.
  • Building a Bar-B-Q
    • When the Ricardos build a new barbeque grill in the backyard, and Lucy fears that she dropped her wedding ring into the mixture.  She and Ethel tear it apart … and have to put it back together before Ricky and Fred get back.
  • Country Club Dance
    • Lucy, Ethel and Betty get angry at their husbands when a beautiful girl (Barbara Eden) turns their heads
  • Lucy Raises Tulips
    • Lucy gets into a friendly competition with her neighbor Betty over their gardens. Then, Ricky and Fred start fighting over the riding lawn mower.  Lawn mowers and tulips are a bad combination …
  • The Ricardos Dedicate a Statue
    • In the final regular season episode, Lucy breaks a statue of a Revolutionary War hero shortly before the dedication.  She tries to take its’ place – €”until a runaway Freddy the dog gives her away.

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