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I Love Lucy episode guide – season 5

I Love Lucy episode guide – season 5

Ricky’s band tours Europe, with Fred as the band manager — and Lucy and Ethel come along as well, causing comedy across France, Italy, etc.

  • Lucy Visits Grauman’s
    • With Ethel’s help, Lucy steals John Wayne’s footprints from Grauman’s Chinese Theater.
  • Lucy and John Wayne
    • Lucy and Ethel try to return the footprints that they stole, but they break; so Ricky enlists the help from John Wayne (himself) to make a new set – More than one may be needed!
  • Lucy and the Dummy
    • After Ricky backs out of a party where Lucy wants her big break, Lucy makes a dummy of Ricky to dance with at the party.
  • Ricky Sells the Car
    • After Ricky sells the car, Fred & Ethel think they’ll have to ride a motorcycle back to NYC; but Ricky buys train tickets for all.
  • The Great Train Robbery
    • Thinking there’s a jewel thief on board the train to NYC, Lucy can’t stop pulling the emergency brake cord (Train conductor played by Frank Nelson, 1911-1986, best known as the annoying “Yes, can I help you?” character from The Jack Benny Show.)
  • The Homecoming
    • Upon returning to NYC, Ricky is a big star, but Lucy initially doesn’t share in everyone’s worship of him.
  • The Ricardos Are Interviewed
    • Ricky & Lucy consider moving and Ricky is to be interviewed on a prestigious show.
  • Lucy Goes to a Rodeo
    • After Ricky can’t help Fred with a rodeo-themed show for his lodge, Lucy & Ethel volunteer to help.
  • Nursery School
    • After Lucy’s fear of Little Ricky getting sick at nursery school comes to pass, she is determined to stay with him at the hospital.
  • Ricky’s European Booking
    • When Ricky can’t afford to take Lucy on his European tour, she & Ethel dream up a raffle to help the ‘Ladies Overseas Aid’, which they think is themselves.
  • The Passports
    • Lucy can’t find her birth certificate so that she can get her passport.
  • Staten Island Ferry
    • To help Fred overcome seasickness, Lucy takes him onto the Staten Island Ferry; but she gets seasick herself and may be late to the passport office (Passport clerk played by Charles Lane.)
  • Bon Voyage
    • When the ship leaves port for Europe, Lucy is inadvertently left behind; so she’ll have to get to ship via a helicopter. One of the best fifth-season episodes!
  • Second Honeymoon
    • Lucy wants the Atlantic cruise to be a second honeymoon, but Ricky is too busy with the band.
  • Lucy Meets the Queen
    • After Lucy misses seeing the queen at Buckingham Palace, Ricky gets invited to meet the queen, but not Lucy. Of course, when has “no” ever stopped Lucy?
  • The Fox Hunt
    • Bragging that she can ride, Lucy gets to show how well she can actually ride a horse in a fox hunt.
  • Lucy Goes to Scotland
    • Lucy wants to travel to Scotland to meet her distant McGillicuddy relative. The dream sequence that unfolds is unforgettable.!
  • Paris at Last
    • Not having any French currency, Lucy, Ethel & Fred exchange money with a so-called French artist (Shepard Menken, 1921-1999), who turns out to be a counterfeiter. The translation sequence is priceless, as is Lucy’s introduction to escargot!
  • Lucy Meets Charles Boyer
    • Lucy & Ethel are star-struck when they encounter Charles Boyer (himself) at a sidewalk cafe.
  • Lucy Gets a Paris Gown
    • When Lucy goes on a hunger strike to force Ricky to buy her an expensive French-designed dress, Ricky & Fred have dresses custom-made out of burlap. (A fantastic episode!)
  • Lucy in the Swiss Alps
    • Lucy, Ricky, Fred & Ethel get trapped in an avalanche while mountain climbing until they hear “La Cucucracha” being played.
  • Lucy Gets Homesick in Italy
    • In this heart-warming episode, Lucy misses Little Ricky during his birthday, so a little Italian shoeshine boy (Bart Bradley) and his friends get to celebrate with her.
  • Lucy’s Italian Movie
    • In one of the best episodes of all time, Lucy takes “getting some local color” a little literally when she travels to an old-fashioned Italian winery to press grapes to impress an Italian film director. (Italian wine stomper played by Theresa Tirelli, 1907-1989).
  • Lucy’s Bicycle Trip
    • Lucy has trouble crossing back into France when she can’t find her passport.
  • Lucy Goes to Monte Carlo
    • When Lucy picks up a chip in a Monte Carlo casino, she inadvertently wins thousands of French francs.
  • Return Home From Europe
    • To sneak home a 30-pound cheese, Lucy dresses it up as a baby to fly home to NYC; but the passenger (Mary Jane Croft, 1916-1999) next to her flips out when the cheese disappears!


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