I’m Hans Christian Andersen

Song lyrics to I’m Hans Christian Andersen from the movie Hans Christian Andersen starring Danny Kaye, music and lyrics by Frank Loesser

I’m Hans Christian Andersen,
I’ve many a tale to tell
And though I’m a cobbler,
I’d say I tell them rather well
I’ll mend your shoes and I’ll fix your boot
when I have a moment free
when I’m not otherwise occupied
as a purple duck, or a mountain side,
or a quarter after three
I’m Hans Christian Andersen,
Andersen, that’s me!

Danny Kaye singing I'm Hans Christian Andersen

I’m Hans Christian Andersen,
I bring you a fable rare
There once was a table,
who said “Oh how I’d love a chair”
And then and there came a sweet young chair
all dressed in a bridal gown
He said to her in a voice so true
“Now I did not say I would marry you
But I would like to sit down”
I’m Hans Christian Andersen,
Andersen’s in town.

I write myself a note each day,
and I place it in my hat.
The wind comes by, the hat blows high
but that not the end of that
For ’round and ’round the world it goes
it lands here right behind myself,
I pick it up, and I read the note,
which is merely to remind myself
I’m Hans Christian Andersen,
Andersen, that’s me!

I’m Hans Christian Andersen,
My pen’s like a babbling brook
Permit me to show you, Dear Sir,
my very latest book
Now here’s a tale of a simple fool,
just glance at a page or two
You laugh “Ha Ha” but you blush a bit
For you realize while you’re reading it
That it’s also reading you
I’m Hans Christian Andersen,
Andersen, that’s who!

I’m Hans Christian Andersen,
and this is an April day
It’s full of the magic I need
to speed me my way
My pocket book has an empty look
I limp on a lumpy shoe
Or if I wish I am a flying fish,
or a millionaire with a rocking chair,
and a dumpling in my stew
I’m Hans Christian Andersen,
Andersen, that’s who!

Music Copyright ‚© 1951, 1952, 1978‚ Frank Music C‚°

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