Charlie Chaplin

Animated gif of Charlie the Little Tramp reading in bed - a scene from The Kid

Happy Birthday, Charlie Chaplin

Celebrating Charlie Chaplin’s 119th birthday

Charlie Chaplin would have turned 119 years old today, had he lived so long.  The prolific actor, writer, director, producer and composer is best known for his role as the Little Tramp, and Turner Classic Movies celebrated the day by a marathon of Charlie Chaplin’s films, including Limelight, A Dog’s Life, The Chaplin Revue, A King in New York, and others.

It’s too late to buy Charlie a birthday present, of course, but thankfully it’s not too late to appreciate the gift of laughter that he shared with the world.  Happy birthday, Charlie!

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Charlie Chaplin - 1919 interview

Charlie Chaplin – 1919 interview

Charlie Chaplin – 1919 interview – originally published December 2, 1919, by Ray W. Frohman in the Los Angeles Herald

(When Charlie Chaplin, creator of ludicrous film divertissements that assuage the cares of a trouble world, was treated to a “pre-view” of Ray W. Frohman’s interview with him for The Evening Herald–the first authentic interview Chaplin has granted for over two years, and the first dialogue between Chaplin and Doug Fairbanks ever recorded–Chaplin, the laughmaker, LAUGHED and said:

“This is the first artistic interview I’ve ever had.

“It is one of the very few articles ever written about me that really reveal me to the public.”

Blushing over the praise of himself he had read, the comedian added that “perhaps the writer was a little too sympathetic!” (more…)

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