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The Property Man

The Property Man, starring Charlie Chaplin originally released August 1, 1914, by Keystone Studios

Again directing himself, Charlie Chaplin is the property man of the title, having the predictable slapstick problems with the luggage of the actors that he has to carry around, as well as the conflicts that the short-tempered Charlie the little tramp is now becoming famous for.

Trivia about The Property Man starring Charlie Chaplin

Also released as:
  • Chaplin som regissör (Sweden)
  • Charlie on the Boards (USA)
  • Charlot, garcon de théâtre (France)
  • Charlot, regisseur (Spain)
  • Getting His Goat
  • Hits of the Past (USA)
  • Kulissiapulainen (Finland)
  • Props (USA)
  • The Rustabout
  • Vamping Venus
  • The Rustabout
  • Vamping Venus

The Property Man - Charlie Chaplin, 1914, Keystone Films


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