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Laughing Gas (1914) [Charlie Chaplin]

Laughing Gas, starring Charlie Chaplin originally released July 9, 1914, by Keystone Studios

In Laughing Gas, we have Charlie Chaplin directing, and Charlie the Little Tramp working as a dentist’s assistant.   The Tramp is more vicious here than we are used to, assaulting people with little or no provocation, although most of the slapstick in the short film is not malicious, such as losing his balance and reaching out to steady himself, unfortunately grabbing a woman’s skirt and pulling it off altogether

Laughing Gas - Charlie Chaplin the little tramp plays dentist

Laughing Gas – Charlie Chaplin the little tramp plays dentist

.   It’s a short film, only 16 minutes long, and while not laugh-out-loud funny, it’s certainly entertaining.

Mack Swain, one of Charlie’s regulars, appears as one of his poor patients.


Also released as:movie poster - Keystone Comedy - Laughing Gas - Charlie Chaplin

  • Busy Little Dentist (USA)
  • Charlot dentiste (France)
  • Charlot, dentista (Spain) (reissue title)
  • Charlot, falso dentista (Spain)
  • Il Dentista (Italy)
  • Down and Out
  • Full fart (Sweden)
  • Gas esilarante (Italy)
  • Ilokaasu (Finland)
  • Laffing Gas (USA)
  • The Dentist
  • Tuning His Ivories (USA)


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