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Charlie Chaplin: Essential Film Music

Charlie Chaplin: Essential Film Music (2 CD SET) [Soundtrack]

Buy from Charlie Chaplin not only produced, directed, wrote and starred in some of the greatest movies of the first half of the 20th century, he also composed the music for them.   This 2 CD set, Charlie Chaplin – The Essential Film Music Collection performed by the city of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Carl Davis includes new digital recordings – over 150 minutes of music including some of Charlie Chaplin’s most popular music, from the following films:

Charlie Chaplin: Essential Film MusicContents of Charlie: Chaplin Essential Film Music (2 CD SET) [SOUNDTRACK]

Disc: 1

  1. The Reel Chaplin: A Symphonic Adventure (Part 1)/A Woman Of Paris/The Kid/The Chaplin Revue/Sunnyside/The Gentleman Tramp/Limelight – Charles Chaplin
  2. The Kid: Suite – Charles Chaplin
  3. Pay Day: Pay Day – Charles Chaplin
  4. The Gold Rush: The Gold Rush – Charles Chaplin
  5. The Circus: The Circus – Charles Chaplin
  6. City Lights: City Lights – Charles Chaplin
  7. Modern Times: Modern Times – Charles Chaplin
  8. The Great Dictator: The Great Dictator – Charles Chaplin
  9. Monsieur Verdoux: Paris Boulevard – Charles Chaplin
  10. Monsieur Verdoux: Bitter Tango – Charles Chaplin
  11. A King In New York: Mandolin Serenade – Charles Chaplin
  12. A King In New York: Weeping Willow – Charles Chaplin
  13. A Countess From Hong Kong: A Countess From Hong Kong – Charles Chaplin
  14. The Reel Chaplin: A Symphonic Adventure (Part 2)/The Chaplin Revue/Modern Times/Smile! – Charles Chaplin

Disc: 2

  1. The Floorwalker: The Floorwalker – Carl Davis
  2. The Fireman: The Fireman – Carl Davis
  3. The Vagabond: The Vagabond – Carl Davis
  4. One A.M. – Carl Davis
  5. The Count – Carl Davis
  6. The Pawnshop – Carl Davis
  7. Behind The Screen – Carl Davis
  8. The Rink – Carl Davis
  9. Easy Street – Carl Davis
  10. The Cure – Carl Davis
  11. The Immigrant – Carl Davis
  12. The Adventurer – Carl Davis

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