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A Busy Day (1914)

A Busy Day – Charlie Chaplin originally released May 7, 1914

Definitely not playing his famous Charlie the Little Tramp character, A Busy Day has Charlie Chaplin in drag, playing the jealous wife of a philandering husband(played by Chaplin regular actor Mack Swain), who inadvertently interrupts a movie being filmed, knocking over Mack Sennett and Billy Gilbert in the process.   Finally, the husband pushes Charlie (or would it be Charlotte?) off a pier, falling into a harbor.   A very … different … Charlie Chaplin film, to say the least.

A Busy Day - Charlie Chaplin in dragTrivia for A Busy Day starring Charlie Chaplin

Also known as:
  • Busy as Can Be (USA)
  • Charlot, sufragista (Spain)
  • Lady Charlie
  • Militant Suffragette


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