Kid Auto Races in Venice - Charlie Chaplin's first appearance as the Little Tramp
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Kid Auto Races at Venice

Kid Auto Races at Venice – Charlie Chaplin’s first appearance as the little tramp – February 7, 1914

Kid Auto Races at Venice, released on February 7, 1914, is a milestone in film history.   In it, Charlie Chaplin portrayed his world-famous tramp character for the first time.

"<yoastmarkA very short film at 6 minutes, it is very funny film, with a film crew trying to film a soap box derby, with Charlie Chaplin’s tramp character constantly trying to get in the picture.   Very funny, and very true to the spirit of the Tramp as well.

The film is also known as The Pest, referring to Charlie’s constantly getting in the way of the film crew.  Also known as Kid’s Auto Race and The Children’s Automobile Race.


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