Lyrics to This is my Song, by Charlie Chaplin

This is My Song
Charlie Chaplin’s theme music for A Countess in Hong Kong
Lyrics by Charlie Chaplin
Recorded by Petula Clark in 1967

Why is my heart so light,
Why are the stars so bright,
Why is the sky so blue,
Since the hour I met you, Flowers are smiling bright
Smiling for our delight,
Smiling so tenderly,
For the world, you and me,

I know why the world is smiling,
Smiling so tenderly,
It hears the same old story,
Through all eternity

Love, this is my song,
Here is a song, a serenade to you,
The world cannot be wrong,
If in this world there is you

I care not what the world may say,
Without your love there is no day,
So, love, this is my song
Here is a song, a serenade to you

(instrumental interlude and repeat last verse)