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Recreation (1914) starring Charlie Chaplin

Recreation, starring Charlie Chaplin, originally released August 13, 1914

The Keystone Films comedy Recreation begins with Charlie the Little Tramp walking in the park. (Charlie Chaplin famously said that all he needs to make a comedy is a policeman, a park, and a pretty girl.  And Recreation is proof of that maxim).  A pretty girl leaves her boyfriend, a sailor who has fallen asleep, on one bench and joins Charlie on another. The seaman wakes up, and he and Charlie stage a fight with bricks.   Policemen get hit with bricks as part of the melee, and both men are arrested. During an ensuing fight on the dock, everyone involved – the policemen, the sailor, Charlie the little tramp and the girl – all wind up in the water.

Trivia for Recreation

  • In addition to starring in Recreation, Charlie Chaplin wrote and directed the film as well
  • Released as a split reel along with the documentary The Yosemite.


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