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I Love Lucy episode guide – season 4

A ground-breaking season, as the Ricardos and the Mertzes travel to California as Ricky stars in a movie — a story arc that takes up the majority of the season.

  • Lucy Cries Wolf
    • Lucy, testing Ricky to see if he really loves her, ransacks the apartment and calls Ricky to come and rescue her from robbers. She cries wolf once too often, and nobody believes her when she really is captured by robbers.
  • The Matchmaker
    • Lucy decides to play matchmaker, only to cause trouble between herself and Ricky, After storming out, Ricky returns with flowers and candy … for Fred?
  • The Business Manager
    • Ricky hires a business manager to help Lucy with her monthly budget … leaving her with only $5.00 for the entire month after paying the bills.
  • Mr. and Mrs. TV Show
    • When Ricky and Lucy are chosen for a live morning TV show, broadcast from their department, Lucy decides to get revenge on Ricky by ruining the rehearsal, not realizing that it’s the live broadcast!
  • Mertz and Kurtz
    • When Fred’s old vaudeville partner comes to town, Fred decides to act more successful than he really is … with Lucy and Ricky’s help. Only to find out that his old partner isn’t as successful, either.
  • Ricky’s Movie Offer
    • When Ricky auditions for a role in a movie, everybody wants to be ‘discovered’ — only to have the talent agent, and Ricky, outfox them all. This begins the long ‘California’ story arc.
  • Ricky’s Screen Test
    • Lucy is bound and determined to be discovered by reading lines to Ricky during his screen test — but time and again, her plan is foiled.
  • Lucy’s Mother-In-Law
    • Ricky’s mother comes for a visit with Ricky and Lucy, and Lucy wants to make a good impression. ‘Lucita’ however speaks no Spanish, and Ricky’s mother speaks no English, and things go from bad to worse .. and then Lucy gets an idea on how she can ‘learn’ Spanish overnight …
  • Ethel’s Birthday
    • For Ethel’s birthday, Ricky and Lucy are treating her to dinner and a theater. But when Lucy buys a pair of hostess pants for Fred to give to Ethel as a birthday present, Ethel hates them, and the girls stop talking to each other …
  • Ricky’s Contract
    • Ricky is waiting to hear back from Hollywood about his movie role audition, and is slowly going crazy … and dragging other people with him. In a comedy of errors, Fred and Ethel leave a message that leads Ricky to think that he’s gotten the part!
  • Getting Ready
    • Getting ready for the trip out to Hollywood, Ricky decides to buy a used car. Fred ‘helps’ buy purchasing a used car for $300 that is one of the funniest ‘prop jokes’ seen on the entire series — a car that Jack Benny might have bought.
  • Lucy Learns to Drive
    • Lucy wants to learn to drive for the trip out to Hollywood, and Ricky agrees — much to his sorrow. To add insult to injury, Lucy lies about having called the car insurance man, so that when she gets in a bumper-locking accident with the junky car that Fred bought, things come to a head.
  • California, Here We Come!
    • All set to leave for California, a monkey wrench is thrown into the works when Lucy’s mother, Mrs. McGillicuddy, arrives unexpectedly, wanting to come along on the trip, leading to hurt feelings on the part of the Mertzes, and nearly cancelling the entire trip. Everything gets smoothed out, until it’s time to pack the car …
  • First Stop
    • On their way to California, the Ricardos and the Mertzes stop for something to eat after many hours in the car. only to end up at a ‘diner’ that has … limited … choices, high prices, and a proprietor that excels in separating people from their money. After a very unsatisfying meal, they leave, only to end up back there later by following road signs for a place to stay the night — and the accommodations make the meal look appetizing.
  • Tennessee Bound
    • Stopped for a speeding ticket in Bent Fork, Tennessee, the gang needs help getting out of jail, and gets it courtesy of ‘Cousin Ernie’ — Ernie Ford, making a return appearance.
  • Ethel’s Home Town
    • On the way out to California, they stop in Albuquerque, New Mexico to visit Ethel’s father, where they find out that Ethel’s letters home have made it appear that Ethel is the big star. At the show that ‘Ethel’ puts on, however, things change …
  • L.A. at Last!
    • Finally arriving in Hollywood, Ricky goes to his studio while Lucy, Fred and Ethel go to eat at the famous Brown Derby restaurant, as well as to look at various Hollywood stars. including Lucy’s favorite, Bill Holden. After she spends some time gawking at him, Bill Holden returns the favor, causing a scene at the restaurant, and a hilarious scene back at their hotel when Ricky brings home … Bill Holden!
  • Don Juan and the Starlets
    • When Ricky starts doing publicity for his new movie, Don Juan, Lucy becomes jealous — and far more so when she mistakenly thinks that he’s been out all night.
  • Lucy Gets in Pictures
    • Ricky is going to be starring in a movie, and even Fred and Ethel have gotten parts in movies, but Lucy feels left out. Ricky manages to get her the bit part of a showgirl who is shot to death on a staircase — but she keeps ruining the scene. A classic bit of wardrobe humor.
  • The Fashion Show
    • Ricky gives Lucy permission to buy a fancy dress while they’re out in Hollywood, and while she’s at the store she finagles her way into a charity fashion show for celebrity wives. After Lucy gets sunburned, Ricky finds out that she spent $500 on her dress — if she’ll wear a heavy tweed suit for the fashion show, though, the dress will be free!
  • The Hedda Hopper Show
    • Ricky’s new publicity agent is trying to stage a publicity stunt in front of gossip columnist Hedda Hopper, with Ricky rescuing a drowning Lucy … but where is Hedda Hopper?
  • Don Juan is Shelved
    • Ricky’s movie, Don Juan, has been cancelled. But Lucy has a plan to persuade the foolish studio head to put Ricky in another movie, with the help of a hired actor … who is actually the studio head!
  • The Bullfight Dance
    • Ricky is scheduled to perform on a television charity event, and Lucy blackmails her way onto the show as well. Ricky, however, thinks he has the last laugh when she is cast as a bull in costume, but Lucy deftly turns the tables on him in a hilarious comedy ending.
  • Hollywood Anniversary
    • Ricky’s publicity agent has scheduled another PR stunt, this time celebrating Ricky and Lucy’s anniversary at a star-studded extravaganza. But when Lucy finds out that it was the agent’s idea, and Ricky didn’t even remember the date, will her hurt feelings ruin the night, not to mention their marriage?
  • The Star Upstairs
    • Cornel Wilde, famous movie star, is trying to rest and recuperate in the penthouse suite directly above Ricky and Lucy’s Hollywood apartment. How can Lucy sneak in and see him? With a little blackmail and ‘ventriloquism,’ it turns out …
  • In Palm Springs
    • With Lucy, Ricky, Fred & Ethel bored with other, Lucy & Ethel travel to Palm Springs and meet Rock Hudson (himself, 1925-1985).
  • The Dancing Star
    • To impress the visiting Carolyn Appleby (Doris Singleton), Lucy convinces Van Johnson (himself) to let her dance with him.
  • Harpo Marx
    • Again to impress the visiting Carolyn Appleby, Lucy pretends to be various stars including Harpo Marx. But the real Harpo (himself, 1888-1964) shows up!
  • Ricky Needs an Agent
    • When Lucy poses as Ricky’s agent, she accidentally has his movie contract cancelled.
  • The Tour
    • Lucy & Ethel leave their Hollywood tour bus so that Lucy can pick a grapefruit from Richard Widmark’s (himself) garden.


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